Playing the Waiting Game…

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I keep thinking poor Jenna can’t possibly get any bigger, but she does! And, rightfully so, as this is the last week of the puppies growth and development before making their entrance into the world.

The puppies are moving around so much and you can really make out their outlines at times. We counted 5 this morning at once. Very cool.

Jenna became very uncomfortable at times last night and started some shivering and shaking and heavy panting. But she would then finally find a comfortable position on the sofa, the bed, or the floor and snooze for a while. I haven’t started taking her temperature yet, but will be doing so tonight.

By this time next week we will have a new litter of puppies–and Jenna and Steele puppies! Hooray! I can’t wait.  I only feel badly for the remaining older pups–Ben and Rizzini are still here–as they have to stay upstairs now. Jenna is in no mood to tolerate their romping and bumping into her or running over her. Rizzini will be leaving in the next few days as soon as I can get something figured out for his flight and find an opportunity to be able to be able to be gone for about 5–6 hours to run to the airport.

Oh, and now we need to be thinking of ideas for a theme for this litter. It is becoming more difficult to come up with cool themes that are either hunting-related or at least “cool”. Please feel free to send your suggestions for themes and associated names!