Waiting on Mia…

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Mia resting
Mia resting

There is no news on Mia and her puppies, yet.

Mia obsessed with the pigeons
Mia obsessed with the pigeons

Mia is somewhat uncomfortable, but really is just resting a bit more than usual. Otherwise, she is very busy “hunting” the property, pointing pigeons on the silo, the pheasants in the back field, and last week she had a blast in the evenings pointing quite a few Woodcock that were making this area their playground.

Woodcock “peeent” sound

Otherwise, she is just having fun and being quite normal.

Mia, fix your ear.

Her temperature has started to fall. For now, I’ll just look for all of the other signs that labor is about to start, such as not eating, which she really has not been doing for a few days except for treats, of course. Or digging in closets and corners… which she has been doing (but not in closets, because in an old, old farmhouse, there aren’t any), but not all that much. Or the panting… which she is not doing.

What she is doing is sleeping a lot, sitting beside my desk yipping at me (which is so funny—and sad at the same time—because Jenna always did the same thing and if Mia barks at the first puppy she delivers I’ll probably have a bawling fit because that is exactly what Jenna did when she had her first pup and Mia is doing so many things that are exactly like Jenna that it is really something and both wonderful and heart breaking at the same time! If I haven’t mentioned it, Mia is a lovely daughter of Jenna and Steele.), growling a bit at poor Kea when Kea is romping and playing too close while Mia is trying to rest. She goes up to the room with the whelping box and digs in it and will lay in it for a bit which is very interesting, how does she know? She has to pee a lot and doesn’t want me out of her site.

We are getting closer…

Stay tuned!