Waiting for Puppies to Arrive

Shay close to her time

Shay sort-of faked me out a little bit yesterday. She wouldn’t eat all day and that is usually the first sign to me that she will be delivering soon (within a day). She spent the day digging in the sofa, the whelping box,  or either glued to my side or wanting outside constantly, but she is not yet in labor. She is resting very comfortably on my feet right now.  No, I didn’t take her temperature–I seemed to have misplaced yet another thermometer so can’t. I will try to get out tomorrow afternoon and pick one up.

It was a long night with her waking me several times to go out. She’s getting closer… but, not much digging today, she ate a little, and seems quite content. It looks like we have a few more days, which is good because I really want to give her one more bath and a good trimming of her feathers and nails before she delivers–her hair grows like mad when she’s pregnant and she never was one for letting me groom her. But, I am exhausted this evening, have a horrible something going on with my stomach and an unbelievable blinding headache and chills. UGH. Whine, whine, whine… The house will have to survive without me tonight.  Shay and I are going to try to go to bed for a bit.

Over and out for now…