A Day Spent with the Dogs is Always a Good Day…

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Today was a really great day! Not only was the weather absolutely fantastic (cool and sunny), but I got to spend the better portion of it around and/or working Llewellin Setters.

The morning was lovely just for once not being in a big rush to run all the dogs. I got to take my time and each had a nice, long run. Then, I got to take a nice drive to the Allegheny Bird Dog Club in Berlin, PA and watch a few runs of their 2010 Spring Chukar Challenge. The judges were wonderful and permitted me to walk along for two of the runs and take photos. Our great friend, Chuck, was running Blue. Blue had two nice runs and I can't wait to see how it all turns out when the winners are posted. I didn't run any dogs, but could kick myself for not doing so! The photos above are from the event.

I talked to some wonderful folks and renewed our membership, then headed home.

I grabbed my up-and-coming super-star, Santana, and off we went for a run. I love running this gal! She is so stylish and classy and I am always in awe watching her. She covers a field like it is nothing and doesn't shy away from any of the cover or the woods. She loves water and lives to hunt birds. What a fantastic nose, too! We had an excellent run with Santana nailing some birds. You should see this gal work. Wow.

Here are some photos of Santana from this evening:

Santana and I returned home and handled the evening feeding and chores. It was really nice to have the assistance of Scott and Graham--thanks guys. It was so nice to all work together and get everyone taken care of so quickly.

What a great day!