Reality Sets In…

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Well, depressing as it was, we had to finally pack up and head home. I am seriously considering looking for a place to rent for about 3 months next year. I figure September thru November will be perfect. I can arrive a little before the grouse opener and work lots of dogs on lots of birds.

The dogs all had excellent work on birds. The 8.5 month-old pups had more birds shot over them in two weeks than they would have in an entire season here in PA. It was absolutely incredible and we can’t wait till next year.

The long trip home was relatively uneventful except to note that now, every time we stopped to let the dogs out, they think it is time to hunt!

We arrived home in time to prepare for the PA pheasant opener and will look forward to that. For now, it is unpacking and cleaning up everything with saddened hearts that this fantastic trip is over..