June 2009 Update

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I think I probably talk too much on the blog about how much it amazes me how quickly time goes by. It wasn’t long ago we were waiting for spring to arrive and now, summer is in full-swing. The heat is on–and not just the temperature–to get dogs trained for the long-awaited, prized, upland bird season to arrive. It will be here before we can say boo! I can’t wait!

We have quite a few dogs to work and get ready over the next few months–I just hope the weather cooperates and that we can be blessed with a tolerable summer.

Maddie and Brier’s pups are growing like weeds and are having a ball! They are very much enjoying being outdoors and exploring and learning. They are so much fun!

In about a week we will be expecting Shay and Brier’s litter to arrive and Shay is quite large. She is enjoying stretching out on the sofa or laying on the cool floor. The poor gal is quite miserable, honestly. I feel for her!

Very exciting today was that I got to see “Tahoe” from Shay & Brier’s last litter. Tahoe is a male, black/white, and is absolutely beautiful! I cried when I saw him! He is just stunning. Very nicely built, lovely feathering and curls like Brier. He has a nice head and was such a sweetheart. I am thrilled for him and the Bridge family!

That’s it for now. I’ll try to be sure to update everyone at least a little more often!.