Puppy Withdrawl…

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Well, I suppose this might sound a little insane, but I am really missing the puppies–Maisy’s puppies, that is. I might not be saying that in a few weeks when Shay’s 10 (did I say TEN?) are bitting at my toes, stealing my slippers, and pulling my robe off in the morning as I try to walk across the room, but for now, I really miss them.

I do have one, very fun guy here, but he is upstairs all day, now that Shay whelped her litter. I take frequent brakes as an excuse to go upstairs and play with him. He is always very happy to see me–that little tail wagging, wagging–he is such a cutie pie! Levi has had lots of fun romping around the yard and playing the fetch game with various toys. He is having a ball with most of the “big” dogs and especially likes to play with Jess, our very gentle 10-month old male.

Levi seems to have no fear of anything. The first time he was introduced to the many steps off the deck down to the yard, he went down them like he had been doing it forever! He ran back up them the same way. Scott says he is just like his dad, Brier. Especially when Levi slammed on a perfect point in the yard today.

I am thinking of Kelly, Cooper, Miley and Kelly and hoping they are loving their new lives. All have gone to wonderful homes and that makes the wondering about them easier. It is so strange when the little squibbers leave the nest. We’ve only known them for 7 or 8 weeks but can’t help becoming very attached and concerned for them.

I invite all the owners to post your comments and updates, here. Many are interested in hearing how the pups are doing.

Blessings to all..