Puppy Chronicles

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Levi on pointI just had to break out of the house, today. It was a beautiful day in PA and I just couldn’t take sitting inside at the computer for another minute. I coaxed my two teenage sons away from the X-Box with a promise to do some Geo-caching. The 16-year old got to drive and we grabbed our neighbor boy, the GPS, and Levi and headed out.

Sadly, I realized this was Levi’s first car ride, too. He did just fine, though, no problems with the car ride. We arrived at our destination and headed to find our “cache.” Levi did great at keeping up with us and loved checking out all the new smells. I kept thinking I would play the hide and seek game with him, but I never had to. This was his first time out, really, so his confidence is not yet at the point that he would want to wonder off on his own. Not time for the game, yet. He wasn’t afraid of anything at all, actually. Never acted timid or afraid, but did not run off on his own or anything. We were interesting enough to keep his attention, I suppose. We had to do a little bush-wacking off the trail and he was awesome! Climbing and jumping through all the Laurel, crossing small puddles, little ditches, logs, etc.

LeviWe ran into some other folks on the trail and Levi started off to follow them–he loves little kids–but we simply called him and he came right back to us. Great. He knows his name and will come to it–at least for the time being! He had quite a long hike for his first time in the woods and he snuggled right in and slept the whole drive back home. He was famished when we returned and eagerly ate his dinner, thrilled Scott with some fine points on the wing and has been sleeping ever since.

It was a good first outing for Levi. I can’t wait for the next, which I think will be tomorrow. Work or not, my responsibility to this pup and his training must take a top spot in priorities. He is at a very critical learning stage and I can not let this time pass without doing all that I can to bring him along.

Hope you are all enjoying the signs of Spring and getting out with your bird dogs!.