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Hello all!

Well, things at Laurel Mt. Llewellins are exciting as usual! Lots of things to do in the spring. It has been raining for weeks and we are very behind on the outside work. We are hoping to get all caught up before the arrival of Maddie’s litter at the end of the month, though.

I am so excited about Maddie’s litter. I just can’t wait to see what she has. Maddie is such a sweetheart and a very unique-looking Llewellin. She is a heavily-ticked chestnut. I just can’t wait to see how God paints these puppies. There is a chance of a chestnut pup or two, but I anticipate more tricolors and black & whites than anything. But, with Maddie and Brier’s personality and their beautiful conformation and hunting abilities, these will be amazing puppies no matter the color.

It was actually quite difficult to tell rather or not the breeding took until the past few days. She had lost her “cut,” but now she is also widening and suddenly it seems she has a lot more hair! I attribute that to the hormones. The same thing happens with Shay.

Which brings me to the next announcement–we just bred Shay to Brier again! Her heat was about a month sooner than I had calculated. The timing works out so that she will welp and puppies will have gone to their new homes well before the fall hunting trips kick-in. We think this will be the last breeding for Shay. While she is still a young gal, I think this will be it. She’ll get back to her excellent hunting condition and never miss another hunting trip! Her puppies are due around July 4th.

We are getting into full-swing with training. Quail will be here, soon. We just added some new racing pairs to our pigeon loft and all is looking good for a good season of training. If only the rain would let up. I’m sure you all will agree that so much rain is no fun with dogs… I used to have a pretty nice house! 🙂

Okay, work calls, I’ll update again, soon. I have tons of things to write about and share with you!

All the best,