The Puppies Get Visitors

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We woke up to a bit more snow today….

Snowy Day

What a pretty morning, indeed. It makes for a busy one with lots of added chores, but I really do not mind it at all. I can work long hours in the cold vs. the heat! Taking care of the dogs and pigeons is the first order of the day, making sure the water is not frozen, there is plenty of straw in the kennels and boxes, and they get a morning meal for the extra calories needed to maintain body heat. Next is shoveling and plowing the snow.

The puppies had visitors today. They were their cute, adorable selves–what else could they be? I think the visitors enjoyed the afternoon. They had a long drive from Dayton, OH. We had more company this evening, just after evening feeding and chores. I would have thought the puppies worn out–but nooooo! It is around 3:00 a.m. and  my head is heavy and ready to hit the pillow and gosh am I hungry–did we eat today? We certainly must have… Well, the house is finally quiet and all our darlings are warm with full-bellies, clipped nails, no poopy, and tired.