Puppy Update

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Indians Update:

I really must apologize for not keeping up with posts and photos. I am always taking photos, but they are frankly horrible. The camera I purchased to get me by until I can get my good camera repaired is just terrible. I can’t stand it. Maybe I am just not using it correctly, but my golly, how hard can it be, eh? It is supposed to be a good camera and is the same brand. So, I go back to my 10D camera, but most photos are out of focus because the auto focus is the particular thing that is broken. With my suddenly lousy vision, there are just hundreds of blurry pictures. And portraits, like I usually do, are almost impossible. How do I hold the pup and focus?  I really have to get it together.

This is an important week because folks will be trying to make their choices. Most will be picking from photos and recommendations and I have to get photos! I am really hoping I can get assistance from someone and get some good photos over the next few days.

The work to care for the pups and the house seems to have tripled this week. It is very difficult to keep up with the laundry (pads from the whelping boxes, carpets with poopy on them, towels from cleaning poopy off the pups). Keeping the poopy picked up is a huge chore, now. A few of them are going on the paper, but some are not!

The weather is beautiful, tons of snow here, I just love it!!!  But it is also cold and it is just too cold for the pups to go out, yet. I had the door open while bringing in fire wood today and my faithful buddy, Shawnee, followed me out–into about 6 inches of snow that had quickly accumulated on the steps! It was really coming down. Shawnee stuck her nose in it and played a bit, but quickly got herself back inside by the wood stove.  We are to have a warmer day later in the week and I am sure I will be able to get them out at least for a few minutes and try to start getting them to do their business outside. This has to be done as soon as possible. But, I suppose if I am at least able to do this next week, they will have had an introduction before leaving.

They just can’t stand going back into the whelping box at night. Some nights there isn’t too much fuss and others, like tonight, a few really made their displeasure known. I must bring in the reins a bit from now on and put them back in the box more often than just at night. I would really like to try to start crate training at least a little.

Addie is very uncomfortable nursing and she can only stand it for a few minutes, if at all. They certainly still chase her around, but she has wanted upstairs more and more the past few days and I keep her away from them at night because otherwise there is really no peace. They are just fine with eating their dry puppy kibble, and so be it.

They are so cute and I find myself not getting much “work” done at all! I love watching them rip and tear around the room. They are so funny! They are all sight pointing, stalking, and pouncing. They growl and bark and are quite full of themselves, now. They are not afraid of anything and will try to get into anything. Now, very curious about the smells and sounds of the Gunners in the other room, they go up the big step and really try to get in there.  It will be fun when they can all meet one another. The Gunners are a little too young, yet to be able to keep up or defend themselves against this bunch of Indians, though (ha ha).

The Gunners Update:

The Gunners will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. Wow. They are quite active and enjoy their puppy mash twice a day and getting out and exploring the room. The room is tiny, so they don’t have far to go. I am going to start bringing them out into the living room a few times a day and put the Indians in their whelping box. It’s time these boys and girl get out and about and start really exploring.

These little darlings are so sweet and so good. Being they are in my room, I get to listen to their little moans and groans all night. I rotate taking them out and cuddling with them for a little while. I am trying not to get too attached to any of them, but I just can’t help it! If I wouldn’t get thrown out of town, I would keep everyone of the pups from both litters. I am insane, I know. But, my goodness, they are such nice puppies and will be excellent gun dogs! I know–I can just tell. You can see them–both the Indians and the Gunners–using their noses, the pointing instinct kicking in, the stalking, the boldness and curiousness, not to mention the conformation…

Here are a few photos: