Gunners Update

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The Gunners are changing and growing like mad. They are nice bold pups. They’ve enjoyed romps around the living room and are quite the bunch let me tell you!

I still cannot put them with the Indians because the Indians are, well, Indians and really like to muscle the Gunners around. They are just too aggressive with them, yet.

The little guy, Benelli (whom I affectionately call little Ben), is really gaining the past few days. These guys are eating like crazy! They will eat every morsel I put in front of them.

Poor Maddie is so sore and is really trying to nurse them, but she will only nurse standing or sitting now and looks completely miserable. As much as we work to keep their little needle nails trimmed for her, their teeth are really putting the hurt on her. She likes to be with them to keep a keen eye out for them, so she perches herself on the bed and looks down in the box to watch them. When they are out in the living room, she keeps watch from the sofa.

All are doing great! Kolar is the largest boy, and what a high prancing boy he is! Stoeger and Zeig are next in line with Rossi and Beneli being the smallest. We’ll see how this takes shape over the next few weeks, as they usually even out fairly well by the time they leave at 8 weeks.

The only girl, Kimber, is really full of herself! She is really quite ornery and struts around pawing at her brothers and instigates chases and wrestling. She’ll wake them up if they are sleeping–whatever it takes. She is a real pistol! Pun really not intended! Her ticking is really coming out now and she is a beautiful tri color belton.

The ticking is coming out nicely in all the pups, now–except for Stoeger. He still only has a tiny spot of orange inside his ear. That’s the only indication of his color. I am beginning to see some faint markings on his belly.

I really have to get on the ball with photos….