The Indians

Hi All,

Scott had a minute to get the wing out and flip it around for the pups while I tried to get some photos. Well, it was a blast–but, of course all my pictures were terrible. Apache went crazy–and not by sight, but by smell. He was so excited and running around sniffing the air. It was awesome!

Now, granted, you really can’t put too much into what a pup is doing at 5 weeks, but it sure is fun! Mohawk was out cold sleeping after his dinner, but the others had a grand time chasing the wing. Cherokee had a beautiful point and Cheyenne and Apache did as well.

No huge highlights for today. We got several more inches of snow overnight and we are due for more tomorrow night–Yahoo! I love it. It makes for much more work keeping the dog’s water buckets thawed and their boxes full of straw, but they seem to enjoy the weather. I know I enjoy it and would much rather have this than the awful, muggy, buggy, sweaty, heat of summer. I know, I am weird.

I am dying to get out hunting, but I am very far behind on work, the house is a disaster and I just can’t keep up with it all. I would give just about anything for a helper!.