All Ready For Puppies!

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The new puppy room is finally coming together, just in time for Dora who is very uncomfortable with quite a large belly full of wriggling Steele puppies!


The room needed several coats of paint and that task seemed to take me forever! There was a dark- and light-blue speckling thing going on that I just had to try to cover with my seemingly new favorite color, white! I’ve learned quite a bit about good and garbage paint through the experience that will help me when I am able to paint the interior of the rest of this old house!

I brought the whelping box (built by my son, Graham, who did a fantastic job of building it and my other son, Ramsey painted it for Jenna’s last litter) back from PA when I was there over Thanksgiving. It needed another coat (I gave it three coats, actually) of paint. I realized that I forgot to bring the rail (so puppies do not get accidentally laid on by the mom), so need to get to a building supply store this week and get the supplies to build another one. I would like to find a piece of linoleum for the base as well.

There is much more I will be doing in this room; such as built-in storage and shelving, a built-in desk so I can work in this room and spend lots of time with the puppies (just like back in PA), and I will be adding a doggie door that will lead to an outside kennel for the momma, and I am looking for vintage setter and grouse artwork and decor, but that will come as it may and at least the room and whelping box are ready and equipped for the impending delivery of Dora & Steele’s puppies!

I am still looking for some of the supplies I can’t seem to find in the unpacked boxes, but all-in-all, I believe I am ready. I realized tonight that I might have to give-in and purchase a microwave, now.  I had decided there would be no microwave in this house, and I have lived perfectly fine without one for a few months. But, I will need one to heat the puppy warmers–they are intended to be heated in a microwave and there is no other way to heat them! UGH.

This will be the first litter to be born in the Upper Peninsula and I am looking forward to it. I had originally planned to make the trip back to PA for Christmas and the delivery of the pups, but Dora seems too large and uncomfortable already and I do not want to cause her any stress by traveling. So, we will stay and keep her comfortable and she will have her litter here.

Now, I just have to decide what on earth I am going to do about Internet service for the live puppy cam! And a litter theme for this excellent litter. Looks like a Winter or Christmas theme is in order, don’t you think? Hey Sally, what do you think? You always have great ideas!

Stay tuned…

Hug your Llewellin tonight!