The Countdown…



As the world counts the days until Christmas and/or the New Year, I am pretending as though it isn’t so (obviously because I am not ready and havent even started for that matter) and just acting like its life as usual and focusing attention on darling Dora and her huge bumpy belly! I apologize for the really bad photo that I just took with my phone.

The poor girl seems so uncomfortable and could barely get up onto the bed tonight (and it is a very low-to-the-floor bed). I will start taking her temperature tomorrow. She isn’t eating much and needs out constantly. Poor thing!

I am hoping to get a few more days of hunting in before the litter arrives. It is cold, but no snow and rather lovely weather for bird hunting! I can’t wait to get Raini, Kea, and Ol out for more fun. I am having a blast with them. They are quite a trio in the woods!

That is all for tonight, folks.  I must get some things done and it is a bit creepy tonight with the coyotes really howling and yipping–seemingly right outside my window. I hear them often, that isn’t a big deal, but not usually this late and not inside the fence!  I think Dora will not be allowed out for a while! Something has the ‘yotes and my own pack really wound up tonight!

Hug your Llewellin tonight.


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