Sadness at Laurel Mt. Llewellins…

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Well, I am pretty much speechless tonight… we lost #3.

Everything has been just perfectly wonderful. All pups gaining weight, healthy, happy, lively… Around 7:00 this evening, I decided to take some photos and weights. All the puppies were nursing, except #3. So, I just picked him up to put him the rest of the gang and immediately noticed a pretty full belly and thought, oh, well he already ate and crawled over here for a nap… but, then I also noticed he immediately did not start squirming around as usual. I put him with the rest of the gang, but he didn’t do much… I was worried and picked him up to have a look. He wasn’t himself and his belly was pretty big.

Long, sad, story short is that I spoke with the vet, tried some things, and took care of him for 5 hours to have him slip away.

We are very sad to say the least. The whole family is just devastated. We are going to see if our vet can do further study to figure anything out. The puppies are in our living room/ my office — next to me all day long. I just do not understand. All was fine. How could this happen so quickly?

So, if now you are wondering who the 3rd person was on the list for a male. It was us. Me, I wanted to keep a male. We will not be, now, to be sure everyone gets their pup.

Some things are just not meant to be, I suppose. Nine days and you would think we were out of the woods… I just can not believe it and am dumbfounded.

I don’t know what else to say (for once)….