Lucy Update

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Lucy, blue belton Llewellin Setter female out of Shay x Brier.

Lucy is out of the 4-wheelers litter, Shay x Brier November 2008. Lucy’s litter name was Ava (for Avalanche) and her litter mates include: Dakota (now, Tripp) Liberty (now Libby), Milan, Nitro, Ranger, Sable, Sierra (now Aspen), Tahoe, and Titan (now Woodrow) I was thrilled to receive an update and photos. Lucy lives in North Carolina and here is what her owner had to say about her:

Lucy continues to be a joy.  She is beautiful and such a soft personality; has to have something in her mouth whenever anyone comes into the room.  She still sleeps in my chair where she would fall asleep in my lap the first few weeks after she arrived.  But she can be really aggressive and dominating to other females regardless of size.  She and the house cat play pointing games to see who can stay perfectly still the longest – sometimes goes for 30min.

As for hunting, Lucy is a gem.  Best natural instincts I have seen for sure.  Her points are picture-perfect. We got into woodcock last year and she had a ball.  Grouse were hard to find in the mountains last year but she didn’t care.  She hunted her little heart out.  She is really something when she gets ‘birdy’.   She can scent on a full run and almost turns a flip to work the spot.

Lucy has never been destructive because of boredom (other than the occasional casual knaw on the arm of a chair just because it is there), and usually that was in my presence.  But we have had to keep a constant flow of toys and other chewables; she is highly orally fixated and chews constantly, but only with her own possessions – except for my shoes which she will add to her stash of chewables if I leave them out – that will never change.