November 24th, 2009 Update

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It is Bear season here in Pennsylvania (and congratulations to our friend and neighbor, Wes, that got a bear this morning) so grouse hunting is out for while. We will be able to hunt Thursday – Saturday and may get to do that.  After that, Monday is the opener for Whitetail rifle. It will be a long several weeks for the dogs. Maybe we will get to do a hunt at the preserve until we can hit the grouse woods again.

There is plenty to keep us busy in the mean time as Addison’s litter is due within the next week. The whelping box is in place and all the supplies are ready. Addie is certainly pregnant and I can feel the puppies moving around. No temperature change, but she is very restless and did not eat her dinner tonight. She usually has a fantastic appetite and has so up until tonight. I am very excited about this litter. Addie and Steele have the most wonderful personalities and natural abilities, not to mention they are very good-looking Llewellins.

Maddie, not due until around 12/12 is huge! She has just a bit over 2 weeks to go. And, here I go again, but this is also a very nice breeding. It would be difficult for me to choose between either litters! I am so lucky, though, I can pick one from both! :: grin::  Both litters from excellent bitches and both dogs are very well put together with such nice conformation and abilities.

The 4-wheeler litter will be one-year old tomorrow Wednesday, November 25th. It is hard to believe it has been a year. All reports on those pups have been great. I am trying to put together a page of updated photos.

Also, I am working on the latest issue of the newsletter. Look for that in your e-mail over the next few days.

If I don’t get to tell you–Happy Thanksgiving!.