PA Ruffed Grouse Season Goes Out With(out) A Bang

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Well, there is no more appropriate way to say good-bye to the PA Ruffed Grouse season than to head out (instead of doing chores) with a pretty cool bird dog on a wintry day and miss getting your limit because you forgot to take a gun. That’s the way it went for Scott and Luke. Scott, chucking the “honey-do list” and sneaking out the door wanting to give a spot, “one last try.” Too bad he forgot the gun and camera while in his hurried state to escape responsibility.

I am so jealous that I am just about out of my mind… and only wish I could have been grouse hunting with my Llewellins today. I am blessed to have been given so much work lately, and I haven’t been able to hunt as much as I promised myself–and my dogs. I get through it by keeping a goal in mind: spend 3 months on the road this coming fall training and hunting the dogs. And, I guess Scott deserved a day-off … it can be his birthday gift a day early. Happy Birthday, Honey!

Well, they went to the new spot–and sure enough, Luke’s working cover and slams on point… Scott flushes the grouse (but, can’t shoot without a gun). It didn’t take long to get into another, and another! Scott did notice lots of grouse tracks in the snow… along with fox tracks. Hmmmm…

By this time next week we should have a litter of puppies on the ground. Maisy is doing just great, although she didn’t eat much today. The puppies are moving around in there a lot today and while taking her temperature earlier, I could feel little feet kicking my hand. They are very lively and Maisy just moans softly as she stretches and sprawls out on the couch and dozes off for another nap…. poor girl, I feel for her right now..