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In the Field…Count pointing a pheasant

Well, folks, things have been exciting here at Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setters. With bird season in full swing, we have been getting out every chance we possibly can.  Grouse finding is tough in PA, but the dogs have also been able to enjoy pinning down some pheasants. All dogs are doing very well and I am very excited about how the pups under 1-year old are doing. Amazing how these dogs just “have it”. It’s just in there, you know what I mean?

Hunted last week in some unseasonably warm weather. Luckily, there were some ponds on the property and the dogs could keep getting cooled down. The warm weather sent the birds into thick cover and the scenting conditions were more difficult, but Midge, Luke, Count, and Maddie all did excellent. They are fast becoming pros at this game. Luke, of course, is the king (in my opinion) and nails them every time. Here is a picture of Count with a nice point.

Shay x Brier Puppies Will be Here in 2 Weeks!

We have everything ready, now, for Shay’s impending delivery. In about 2 weeks we will have puppies on the ground. So exciting! It will be a Happy Thanksgiving! Our wonderful vet even said he’ll be on-hand to come and remove dew-claws over the holiday. I can hardly wait.  I love the puppy whelping!  Shay is doing very well, putting on her long, silky, thick coat and her belly is really growing, now. She is huge–and still has two weeks to go. We have decided not to have an x-ray or sonogram this time around. Shay usually has 8-10 puppies. Yes, there are reservations still available. Get more info, here.

We moved Shay “downstairs” to our livingroom/office this weekend. The whelping box is in place, again and Shay is all settled in and loving that she gets to sleep on the sofa. I will be away for the last week of her pregnancy and am really sad I will miss it. I mixed-up dates for a commitment. But, anyway, I am sure all will be fine. I just love being able to see the puppies move around and the special, quiet time with Shay. She is such a sweetheart and extra “lovey” while in whelp. I just hope she doesn’t have the puppies early–I would just hate to miss it! Scott and the kids will be here holding down the fort and taking her temperature and keeping a close eye on her.

Kittery is Coming Home!

Kittery at 4 weeks.

On another note, we have a pup coming back to us. I pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to see her, again! I have not seen a photo since shortly after she left us. She is the beautiful, tri-color, “Kittery” pup from Brier and Shay’s previous litter. She is almost 8 months old. We will be making her available for sale as soon as I evaluate her–and before I get too attached! She has been kept in the house and the owners say she has too much energy for their busy schedule. Kittery was the first pup to find her way out of the whelping box. She was (and still is, I am told) a very bold pup and not content to not get hunted. While she was still here, she was always “hunting” the yard at puppy play-time. At 8-weeks, she really reminded me of her sire, Brier. There was just something about her…

The owners just don’t have time to hunt her. Anyway, I am thrilled she is coming back to us and I will post pictures and more information about her, soon. I plan on taking her with me next week to get her into a ton of birds and let her instincts kick in. I was very impressed with this pup at 8 weeks and can’t wait to get her on the track she needs to be. Contact us, if you are interested in an older pup that should be ready to hunt within a few weeks. It would be best for her to go to a new home quickly, so all this transition from one place to another is not too hard on her–and before I decide to keep her! She needs to bond with a master that she will hunt for for the rest of her life. I hate when this happens to a dog…. but I commend the owners for doing the right thing, now.

Llewellin Setters are Hunting Dogs–In Case You Didn’t Know…

Which brings up one more thing I would like to mention. Please don’t call us about acquiring a Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter if you do not plan on hunting it. Please understand why we do this. These dogs are born and bred to have the desire to hunt. I have never seen one content not hunting. If they are worked and hunted, they are very content in your home. Ours our. Everyone is happy. The dog is tired and content. If you try to take a hunting dog with this level of desire and never let it do this–there will only be problems. It will not be satisfied. It can’t help it. You can’t take it out of them. Please, please know what you are doing–and the level of hunting dog you are obtaining.

Blessings, all. Get out there and hunt your Llewellin!