Unleashing the Next Generation: Garmin’s All-New Alpha Series Handheld and Dog Collars

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Greetings, fellow upland bird dog enthusiasts! Today, we have some thrilling news to share with you. Garmin, the renowned leader in innovative technology, has just unveiled their latest marvels: the Alpha® 300 series and Alpha TT 25 and T 20 collar series. These cutting-edge tracking and training systems are specifically designed for hunters and their sporting dogs, providing the most comprehensive solution yet. Let’s dive into the exciting features and envision some scenarios where these remarkable devices will undoubtedly prove invaluable.

Unprecedented Battery Life and Enhanced User Experience

The Alpha 300 series is a game-changer, catering to both training and hunting needs. Say goodbye to frequent recharging interruptions, as this series offers nearly three times the battery life of its predecessor. With up to 55 hours of runtime, you can now embark on extended hunting trips without worrying about your handheld running out of juice. And if you find yourself in need of more power while in the field, fear not! The Alpha 300 series conveniently allows you to switch to a standard or extended-life battery on the fly.

The 3.5″ responsive touchscreen display on the Alpha 300 handheld ensures crystal-clear visibility in all conditions, day or night, even if you’re wearing gloves. Customization takes center stage, as Garmin provides a new main menu redesign and a “favorites” bar. Tailor your Alpha unit precisely to your training or hunting preferences, creating an experience that perfectly aligns with your needs. Expect no less from Garmin’s legendary mapping capabilities, as the Alpha 300 series is equipped with multi-GNSS support, enhanced mapping systems, and preloaded TopoActive maps and direct-to-device satellite imagery.

Navigating with Ease and Precision

Imagine yourself traversing the diverse landscapes upland hunting has to offer, from sagebrush plateaus to dense hardwoods, and from rolling prairies to rocky ridges. Fear not, as the Alpha 300 series and its new collars will keep you and your four-legged companion on track like never before. Thanks to its compatibility with Garmin Outdoor Maps+, you gain access to premium mapping content such as elevation contours, landowner names, boundaries for public and private land types, wildlife management and wetland production areas, and more. This wealth of information will undoubtedly be a game-changer, providing you with the vital insights needed for a successful hunt or adventure.

Collar Interference? A Thing of the Past!

When hunting in large groups or heavily populated areas, collars can sometimes interfere with one another, leading to frustrating setbacks. Garmin has listened to its customers and introduced an ingenious solution: the new “Channel View” feature. Now, the Alpha 300 series can monitor the concentration of Garmin dog collars in your vicinity, allowing you to steer clear of any potential interference. This invaluable feature ensures seamless communication and tracking, even in crowded environments. It’s just another example of how Garmin goes above and beyond to deliver a superior user experience.

Global Communication and Peace of Mind

For those adventurers seeking global coverage and peace of mind, the Alpha 300i is equipped with inReach satellite technology. Leveraging the power of the global Iridium satellite network, this remarkable addition enables users to send and receive messages, navigate their route, track and share their hunt, and, if necessary, trigger an SOS to Garmin ResponseSM, the 24/7 global response coordination center. Furthermore, through the Garmin MessengerTM app, you can effortlessly communicate with friends and family, seamlessly switching between Wi-Fi® connectivity, cellular networks, and satellite links. This ensures you stay connected, whether you’re exploring the wilderness or in the comfort of civilization.

Alpha TT 25 and T 20 Collars – Power-Packed Performance

Garmin’s Alpha TT 25 (tracking + training) and T 20 (tracking only) dog collars, part of the new Alpha collar series, offer an unparalleled tracking experience for all dog breeds and hunting styles. These slim, rugged, universally sized collars are designed to fit both large and small breeds, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. Slimmer and lighter than full-size Garmin TT collars, they still deliver an impressive tracking range of up to nine miles when paired with a compatible Garmin handheld device.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Hunting Performance

The Alpha TT 25 and T 20 collars are brimming with innovative features tailored for optimal hunting performance. Dynamic Tracking, for instance, automatically detects when your dog is moving, stopped, or kenneled, reducing GPS track point intervals to extend battery life. Not only does this save power, but it also minimizes potential interference with nearby collars in crowded hunting situations. Moreover, the collars boast exceptional battery life, offering up to 68 hours of continual use with a standard battery pack or an astonishing 136 hours with an extended battery pack. Additionally, users can choose from seven customizable multicolor LED beacon lights on the dog collar, allowing for easy visual contact with their dogs in low-light conditions and serving as a safety measure to warn drivers if a dog approaches a road.

Seamless Integration and Software Updates

Staying up to date with software advancements has never been easier. With the Alpha TT 25 and T 20 collars, automatic software updates occur effortlessly while the devices are charging and connected to a network with Wi-Fi technology. Seamlessly integrating into your existing Garmin ecosystem, these collars work harmoniously with an array of compatible handheld devices, including the Alpha 10, Alpha 100, Alpha 200, Alpha 200i, Alpha 300, Alpha 300i, Astro® 430, and PRO 550 Plus.

An Investment Worth Making

The Alpha 300 series handheld devices are available now with a suggested retail price of $799.99 for the Alpha 300 and $849.99 for the Alpha 300i, featuring inReach technology (requires a monthly use as you need or annual unlimited subscription plan). The Alpha collars, including the T 20 and TT 25 models, can be yours for $299.99 and $349.99, respectively, delivering exceptional value for the robust features they offer.

Should You Upgrade?

If you already own the Alpha 200 and TT 15X, is it worth the upgrade? Well, it depends. The improved screen allows for more map detail and color as well as brightness. The battery will last 3X longer. There is an improved charger using USB-C instead of micro-USB. They are now compatible with Garmin’s maps and subscription service. The improved menu interface is amazing and the channel switching feature can be very useful. Sharing dogs with your hunting pals is now super easy. The automatic software updates to the tracking and training collar, the dynamic (“smart”) tracking feature can extend the battery life to 68 hours! The new change-in-the-field collar and GPS antenna will be so nice if one gets damaged in the field. The color changing locater lights will be nice so you can have different colors for each dog making letting dogs at at night so much easier-you’ll know who is where. Add on the multi-colored status indicator light and automatic software updates and one-size collar fits most and backward capability of the 300i with older collars and I think it is most certainly worth the upgrade. And, if you are like me and somehow accidentally ordered the 200 instead of 200i and you most certainly realize you want the InReach technology to send an SOS or other message from anywhere in the world.

The Garmin Alpha 300 + TT25/TT20 Combo is shipping in July 2023. Preorder from places like Garmin directly, Gun Dog Supply, or sellers on Amazon.

I will be doing an extensive hands-on review and comparison both here and on the YouTube Channel as soon as I can get my hands on one. But Steve at Gun Dog Supply does it better.

Here’s to making our and our Llews adventures in the great outdoors safer and easier using the latest technology.