A Rain Delay: Puppy Update October 9th, 2019

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Hope and Popple

We received much-needed rain here and it is a very good thing for so many people in this area that haven’t had water for such a long time. It didn’t turn out to be very good for my puppy kennel set up that is quite water-logged. So, the pups have been in the house with as much play time outside as I can fit in.

Puppies on the woods trail

Today, I got to take them on their first walk in the woods. I have tried several times, but there was always something distracting one or two and we’d have to turn back to keep the pack together.


The pups loved exploring the woods. There were a few times they would stop in their tracks at a scent and a little afraid to explore what it was. And who knows, it could be deer, bear, coyotes, other critters. There are no upland birds here, so I know it wasn’t something exciting like that. But we pushed on and they had a grand time until we came across a deer feeder, cameras, and someone’s deer blind. Sorry Mr. Hunter. I hope we didn’t mess anything up. But, I have to get these puppies out to explore and work off some energy.


They could have explored much longer than we did. There just really wasn’t anywhere to go. The short trail goes to a small cemetery loaded with decorative items and I quickly got the pups attention and turned around. They would have had a field day ripping and tearing with all the decorations. That would not have been good.

Hawthorn decided a log to carry around was fun.
Hope and Willow exploring logs
Neo checking out every nook and cranny
Aspen taking in all the new sights and sounds and scents
Willow apparently didn’t like what she tasted under there.
They had a blast jumping off the bank down to the trail. Nova especially loved it!
The gorgeous Popple had a grand time. He hunted hard!
Neo running down the trail. He’s so much fun!
Hope sniffing out something.
My pal, Nova. 🙂

That is all the news for today. The pups and I hope the kennel dries out today so they can play outside in the gorgeous sunshine tomorrow! We are headed out for another journey into something somewhere shortly. They had a nap and are ready to go again!

Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors with your Llewellin Setter today.

God bless,


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