LML Puppy Adventures: October 21, 2019 Update

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Hawthorn, Popple, Hope

The adventures with puppies continue, although this past week was rather uneventful. Our excursions to the woods have been limited with deer hunting archery season in full swing, the owner of the woods is using it more and more. If I take the pups, it is for a quick, middle-of-the-day jaunt. But, it’s been foul weather for doing much of anything outside for long. With all of the very-much-needed rain, their day kennel hasn’t been able to dry out enough for them to use it anyway. So, we’ve been outside as much as possible. They cannot be out without me at all–and they don’t want to be–except for as long as it takes me to clean their pen. I try to feed them out on the porch while I clean the pen.

They love to be outside but I am so fed up with the relentless onslaught of ticks that it is making me insane! Most of everyday is taking care of the pups with a few-hour break to take care of the adult dogs/kennel chores. As soon as my eyes open (I swear they hear my eyes open, but actually it is Scott up and leaving between 5 and 5:30 am), they are ready for breakfast and adventure! I get their breakfast ready and take them outside and dash back in while they are eating to clean the pen. The rest of the day is spent outside keeping them busy and out of things they shouldn’t be in, nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing constantly to try to keep them clean and the ticks at bay. Not every pup gets bathed every day–I bath until I run out of hot water and dry towels. Usually 3 of the 10 don’t get bathed, so it’s about every other day. The ticks are absolutely horrendous so the pups get “combed” several times a day and bathed about every other day.

Aspen, Popple, Willow

That’s pretty much it. Just having as much fun and adventures for the pups to learn as much as they can while they are here.

I hope everyone is having an excellent season chasing upland birds with your bird dogs.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight,