Puppies! An Update

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Hazel x Cowboy Puppy, “Popple”

The blessings of beautiful puppies has really lifted my spirits–although whose spirits would not be lifted by puppies? Right? Find the good in every day no matter what. Be thankful in all things. 🙂

I am beyond grateful for these puppies and for those that have waited so long for one. If we owe you a puppy or if you want an opportunity to obtain one, contact me here.


Hawthorn (Hazel x Cowboy)

I’m thrilled to finally be able to report that I am getting photos to the Flickr gallery area. I had to wait until I could renew the membership, and that is done, hooray! However, it takes forever to upload the photos and videos–literally it takes days to upload and I can’t use the Internet for anything else whilst the upload is going on. But there are finally some photos and videos for you! Ohhh, how I miss good Internet and the puppy cams! I bet you do, too.

Here are links to the litter albums (otherwise, it gets very confusing in the photo stream as to which puppy is which litter. Click on them and then bookmark so you can check daily for new photos/videos. If you are a Flickr member, I believe you can set it to get notified automatically when new photos are posted.

Ginger - Female - Gale x Ranger
Fred & Ginger Album
Gale (Santana x Steele) x Ranger (Shay x Brier)
Whelped 7/17/19
Hazel (Tori x Count) x Cowboy (Lady Bird x Steele) Album
Whelped 7/18/19
Puppy naming theme is for Upland Bird Covers:
Females: Aspen, Willow, Honey. Males: Hawthorn, Ironwood, Popple.
Kit (Santana x Count)
Kit x Ranger Puppy Album
Whelped 7/23/19
Puppy naming theme: Names that mean “Beginning, or Start”, like Kit’s name.
Males: Neo & Hogan Females: Nova, Evie, Hope, Thea.

Any who, all the pups are doing great and I can’t believe some of them are 5 weeks old already! The mommas are doing a great job and are doing very well themselves–loving being inside in the air conditioning. As they should be. As all of them should be, if you ask me, but you didn’t. lol.

The puppies now have some toys! And some good puppy food, although we are not able to start the puppies out raw as we used to. Vaccines, dewormer, vitamins, and two enclosures to extend the whelping boxes so the pups can start to get out to play and define bathroom areas are on the way via a gift. Hooray!!! And thank you!!! And while I am waiting for the little enclosure pens to arrive, I am praying for vinyl flooring and puppy crates.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope to get better with updates. Still figuring this whole thing out in a new place not at all set up for dogs and puppies.

I hope it is cooler where you are than where I am! And I hope all of you are looking forward to those dreamy opening days with your Llewellin Setter.

Love and Puppy kisses.

Hug your Llewellin Setter today!


UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POST: I keep getting the question if we are reviving the business. My loves, I simply do not know. It can’t happen here. I am very unwell again. I either have to get back to the U.P. or similar place where I can be well again or give it up and find a way to live here. I don’t know what God has planned for me, us, or the dogs. I try to suppress the desires of my heart and live for God’s plans, not mine. I want to help others anyway I can. And I don’t know how to do that here and now. But I surrender my will and heart and wait on God. He has me here, in this place, at this time. In the meanwhile, I am grateful for the puppies we have been so blessed with to start to repay the debt that Parvo has bestowed upon us. To at least get excellent LML puppies in the hands of those that have waited years for their puppy and try to address the remaining debt ran to unimaginable depths trying to save puppies and rid the property, that we ultimately lost, of Parvo. One day at a time. Baby steps…

Most, but most likely all, of the dogs will be made available for adoption as soon as I can get them groomed and photographed. Maybe I will try to retain a few with the future hope of beginning again. Or just keep a few of my senior darlings. Or at least as many as I can take with me wherever I go. I just don’t know. I want all of my dogs. But not here. Not where they can’t be worked or hunted.

I finally got my camera back, but can barely touch the dogs because of the reactions I am having. So, it’s a painfully slow, agonizing process. I had been doing at least ok, but the past few weeks have been in a steady decline. But, look, I do have hope and won’t give that up until I absolutely have no other option. One day at a time… I am not a quitter.

A few have written wanting to know how to help. So, I put a donation widget up–it is in the right-hand sidebar or via mobile, it shows up below the post. And at the nudging of others, there is also an Amazon Wish List. My biggest need at this time though is Vinyl Sheet Flooring to put down over the wood flooring so I don’t get killed for ruining floors because no matter how vigilant I am, I can’t get every spot within minutes of it happening! And a good set of grooming clippers and blades. I had an awesome set that took me years to save for and the kit was stolen.

Next, our biggest expense is puppy food for the mommas and puppies. I love the Only Natural Pet Puppy Power Canine Feast and the MaxMeat AirDried Foods and Goat’s Milk (Oh how I miss my dairy goats!) I am currently using Wellness Core Canned Puppy Food and kibble and add essentials (in my opinion) like Sardines, heart, gizzards, liver, eggs, blueberries, etc., when I can.