Santana x Count 2014 Puppy Photos One Week Old

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I know, everyone is chomping at the bit to see photos of the puppies. I just haven’t had a chance to take many or to get them processed and posted. And every time I try to take photos Santana decides she wants my attention instead so she stands in front of the camera. She is protecting them from paparazzi! 🙂 She’s such a sweetie and a fantastic mother.

The pups had their dew claws removed this week and are all doing fantastic. Besides a night or two of fussiness, they are a pretty content lot. It’s been a little difficult to keep the temperature within a range the pups and Santana are comfortable at. Santana is not happy or comfortable with the heat lamp on–much too warm. But if I turn the heat lamp off so she is content in the room, the pups are a bit chilled. Which is not good for the first week of a puppies life. They are fine if Santana is in the box with them, but she isn’t. So, I am using the microwavable warmers. It occurred to me keeping both mom and pups comfortable seems much easier in the winter months.

I’ll try to get them named and their individual photos posted on their litter page later next week. As soon as Clyde leaves for his new home, I will move Santana and the pups to the puppy room and getting photos will be much easier. Without further ado, here are some photos of the babes.

IMG_2095 IMG_2096 IMG_2147 IMG_2150 IMG_2152 IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2160 IMG_2162 IMG_2165 IMG_2168 IMG_2169 IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2177 IMG_2180 IMG_2181 IMG_2184 IMG_2185


Have a great weekend everyone. Hope you get to enjoy some down time and relaxation during this crazy busy time of year.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight.