Announcing the Arrival of Santana & Count’s Puppies!

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We have puppies!

Santana x Count puppies

Yesterday was an unremarkable day—dreary, overcast, and very, very windy. I had work and a thousand things going on. I took Santana’s temperature early afternoon and it hadn’t budged from the day before. She pointed pigeons in the yard, napped a bit throughout the day, but nothing indicating she was going to have her pups anytime soon. Although she’s kept us up all night for several nights, she calm and sleepy most days and today was no exception.



After dinner and kennel chores, I was settling in to work for the night. Santana crawled up on the loveseat and on top of Nick (staff photographer). She had a lovely nap there for about an hour. Then she woke, moved to the other end of the loveseat and delivered a puppy! Scott yelled for me—Santana is having a puppy on the loveseat!

Oh my gosh girl, you are something else.

So, puppy safely delivered, off we go into the whelping room.


Boil of Llewellin Setter puppies…
Chestnut male that looks Just like Mamma!
Several Beltons… hours old…
Too stinking cute
9 Puppies!
Tired momma watching over her litter.
Welcome to the world little bird dog


The first pup was born—on the love seat—at 7:20 pm. The last—9th—was born around 11:58 pm.

Beautiful Santana and her pups

Santana did fantastic.

She barely acted like she was in labor.


The pups have fantastic weights—all around 12+ ounces!

IMG_5579 IMG_5581 IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5587

We have been blessed with 9 pups—2 girls and 7 boys!!!!

Santana is doing fantastic. She ate last night following delivery. She went outside twice. She ate again this morning and went out (some mommas will not go outside the first day and have to be forced).

The pups are doing great and seem very content.

If you’ve missed lots of puppy photos, you might just be sick of them over the next 8 weeks!


Now… we must come up with an amazingly cool theme and names for 7 boys and 2 girls.

Any thoughts?


Yes, there are now reservations for males available!

See the pedigree and more info on the puppy page of the main Laurel Mt. Llewellins site.