Santana x Count Puppies: The Birth

Nick took photos during the birth of the litter. Thought I would share them. Don’t worry—nothing gross or anything… except for me looking like I hadn’t slept for a week (which I hadn’t)!

Santana was fantastic. I wasn’t sure how she would react to another person in the room during whelping, but she was great and Nick even sat in the whelping box with her. She was totally cool with it and she just loves Nick.



Number 1 – Female






And then there were two!













And then four!Lazur_20131104_3182And then there were five!







I “assist” in the whelping by breaking the sac surrounding the pup while the bitch eats the afterbirth, and immediately suction any fluid out. After the bitch chews the cord, I take each pup and rub them vigorously while drying them off with warm towels. This gets the pups going. I like to hear good, strong cries and am more comfortable knowing there isn’t mucus in their lungs. Statistics show most newborn puppies die of phenomena—from fluid being inhaled into the lungs during the birth process and then chilling. I hope I can avoid this forever by assisting in this way and by keeping the pups warm especially during the during the first week.

Lazur_20131104_3189 Lazur_20131104_3191


Lazur_20131104_3201Number six!
Lazur_20131104_3164 IMG_5588Wow, Santana!

What a beautiful girl and wonderful Mum.





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