Santana & Count Puppies Two Weeks Old

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It’s amazing how fast two weeks can fly by, isn’t it?

The wee babes are two weeks old tonight. They’ve opened their eyes and are getting around like no bodies business. We have one particular little squirmer that has escaped the whelping box twice yesterday. The first time I figured she was still attached to Santana when Santana jumped out of the box or something. The second time–just a little while later–I was certain the little cutie crawled out. Oh my goodness. Um. Can I keep her???

With all older pups gone, I painted the puppy rooms and kitchen and moved these guys. So, out came the pig-rail, no longer needed and at this point just acting as a step for pups to escape, the box moved to the front entrance/puppy room, and the second slat inserted so there will be no more escaping  the safety of the box, at least for a little longer. The second puppy room is all ready for sweetie-pie Nashua who is getting closer to having her pups.

Santana is the super-duper fantastic mum of the century. She takes excellent care of the pups, then goes outside to point pigeons or the pheasants on the other side of the fence, eats like a champ, points birds some more, back in to care for pups, then out again. I love her so much. Beautiful, incredible nose, lovely personality, healthy, charismatic, excellent bird dog. Except when she sleeps with me, at first she insists on sleeping on top of me! It doesn’t work very well. Ugh. We sort it out eventually and sort of sleep. 🙂

Insane, crazy times going on here and it promises to get even more so over the next few months as it looks like all the breedings took and I am trying to move! I am trying to work on so many projects here to hopefully make it easier to move and get this place listed/sold. Delay, delay, delay. It’s always something, eh? I love many things about this place, but cannot wait to be at the new (old) place. More space for the dogs to run. Bigger house for me–and closets, yahoo! If I could just take the barn, garage, and huge shed from here it would be perfect. 🙂 So much work to be done, though, my head is spinning and, of course, the grass is in super-high gear growing like mad. It seems like the day after I mow, it needs mowed again. Oh my. One day at a time, right?

Well, finally, here are a couple of photos of the pups and the litter page is finally started! Find it here. The pups have their names now, using names of Pennsylvania Rivers & Streams. I’ve wanted to use the theme for a long time and we finally have all these girls and the names suit them. 🙂 They are: Susquehanna (Hanna), Allegheny (Alle), Genesee (Gene), Juniata (June), Loyalhanna (Loyal), Laurel Hill (Laurel), and Brandywine for the girls and the boys are Cheat and Cobbs. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Puppy cam coming soon! I tried to hook it up today, but now my cord is not long enough to reach! I hope to get a longer one today. Stay tuned…


#2 Alle (Blue Belton) female Llewellin setter puppy
#2 Alle (Blue Belton)


#7: Brandywine (White/Chestnut female laurel mt llewellin setter puppie
#7: Brandywine (White/Chestnut female)


Tricolor male llewellin setter puppy
#8: Male: “Cheat” Tri-color-White, Black, and Tan


Cobbs, male white & orange laurel mt llewellin setter puppy
#9: Cobbs – Male – White, Orange & Ticked


Genesee, female white/black llewellin setter puppy
#3: Gene – female – White & Black


#1. Hanna - female white/orange
#1. Hanna – female white/orange





















#3: Genesee (female)
#3: Genesee (female)


#4: June - female - white & black
#4: June – female – white & black




#5: Loyal: Female Orange Belton
#5: Loyal: Female Orange Belton


Have a great day.

Hug your Llewellin Setter.