A Great Evening With Midge and Kohl

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I have a lot of dog-work to do and having had quite all of the computer-sitting work that I can take for several days, this evening I finally put everything else aside and broke out of here to run a few dogs. I had actually planned on just running one dog, Kohl. But Midge is so funny. She is smart and I’m not just saying that because she’s my dog or anything, but she really is really smart. See, I have to do the evening feeding around 5:30. I am trying to stretch that to be a bit later each evening, but there is so much going on in the neighborhood at that time of the evening, it’s the only way I can keep things quiet. When they are eating, they are not barking… see? So, anyway, I don’t feed the dogs I plan on running in the evening (until after we are done with the run). I fed everyone except Kohl–including Midge. And here is how smart she is. She didn’t eat! She didn’t eat one morsel of her food. She knew if she ate, she couldn’t run and may even get a bit sick on the ride. I go to let her outside acting like nothing was different–just like I always do–instead of going out into the back yard, she grabs the leash that is laying on the table and goes and sits at the front door. You little scamp! How on earth? How did she know I was going anywhere? She knew. She reads my mind all the time. I’m telling you, it’s amazing. I thought, okay, this will work just fine. Midge is a great dog to run with a younger dog. She is a fine example of how I like a dog to hunt, quarter, respond to my whistle, etc. Okay, Midge, in you go.

Kohl checking things out

We arrive at the farm and off they go to “find the birds.” Kohl is doing a great job at checking things out on his own–not just following little Queenie. He is staying close enough for comfort and working nicely. Good. Great. He is doing excellent. I love this dog.

Spring creek

We get down by the creek–It is pretty here, isn’t it?

Midge has to take a swim to get things started

Midge just has to take a swim. Midge, isn’t that water really cold? She doesn’t mind at all, in fact, she loves it! Kohl doesn’t think it’s warm enough for a swim today and opts out this time, but he does like to take a swim on the warm days. Today is not a warm day by any means, though! You’re just crazy, Midge.

Midge has to find and point the pesky geese.

There are always a few pesky geese here and Midge just has to go off to find them.


Kohl just can’t stand this any longer and has to chase when they finally take flight. See them go? That is just fine–he is a pup and I don’t mind at this point if he chases those geese.

Hunting a brace of Llewellins is the greatest

They are hunting excellent and having a grand time. Hunting a brace of Llewellins is the best!

Kohl goes on point

Midge goes one-way and Kohl the other. And–Kohl goes on point! It’s a woodcock! This was his first woodcock ever. He caught scent quite a distance away. It took me a while to find the bird… Hooray–a bird for the boy!


Midge comes around and sees and honors Kohl’s point and waits the whole thing out… good girl!

Midge needs another swim.

And now she needs another swim.

Midge is raring to go again.

And she is really wound up now!

They are both wound, now. They found a bird and the drive really kicks in. We cover the bottom and the other side of the field and woods.

Funny girl, Midge

And, I start to head up the trail, up the hill… and I look back and Midge is standing there contemplating this–oh my gosh, would you look at that face? Cracks me up! She is saying, hey wait a minute…that is the direction of the truck…why so soon, Mum? Come on, Mum, please can we stay longer???

Midge is sad to go

And she has to go look at the creek and give me a sad attitude. Midge, I know you are sad, but fix your lip, and come along, you know we’ll be back again, soon.

One more lap, mom.

So, I give in to her sulking and tell her she can have another lap around the big field… and off she merrily goes.

And Kohl, too.

And, Kohl gladly goes, too.

Back at the truck we work on manners (like teaching Kohl not to jump up on the side of the truck) and to “stick around” while I am doing whatever I need to do before we load up and go and we work on getting back into the “kennel” to go home.  Kohl does great… Midge on the other hand–and this is the only reason I ever have to wear an e-collar on Midge–never wants to go home and likes to hide under the truck or stand off at a distance with her head cocked all cute-like, instead of getting back into the box! Snot. She is the greatest bird dog, my companion, a mind-reader, and is amazing. But if I am making her get into the box or trailer, she pulls this. If I let her ride up-front with me, she’ll gladly jump right in but little Queenie (as in, she thinks she is queen of the grouse woods, queen of the house and my bed–or the recliner, or my desk chair… she thinks she is–and, therefore, she is indeed!), here, likes to think she should get to ride shotgun all the time! No, she can’t this time. She was swimming and I really need a clean truck for a meeting in the morning.

Kohl working

Kohl did fantastic and even though this seemed more about Midge than Kohl, it was really meant to be all for him! He is a great dog and I am thrilled with the way he is working cover, the way he responds to commands and the whistle. He looks out for me, but is bold enough to hunt at a very comfortable range. He is intelligent and has great bird-sense and already knows what kind of areas to look for birds and heads to those areas. He has an excellent nose, a beautiful staunch point, and great prey drive. I am thrilled with him! Did I mention that he will be going to live with his new “Dad” in Maine, soon? I am going to really, really miss this boy.

The Ligonier Diamond

So, off we headed back home (with Midge finally in the box–all I had to do was act like I was leaving without her). I just worry about the puppies being alone for very long–I let them out of the box.

On the way, I snapped this shot of the town square out the front window of the truck (while sitting at the stop sign). It has nothing to do with the dogs, I know, I just liked the picture. It’s too bad they have to have street signs mucking up the beauty of it!

Next, I’ll post some photos Graham took this evening while working Count…