Santana x Count Pups Three Weeks Old

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Santana & Count’s puppies are now 3 weeks old. The pups have changed so much over the past week—their eyes are open,  they are becoming much more active, are starting to play with each other, notice objects, and are becoming much more vocal! When they want their momma, they know how to howl. Santana is very good at ignoring their howls until she is good and ready. I wish I could say the same…

The litter page is now up—click here for the link—but here are the latest litter photos as well as many from the past week. Enjoy and I hope I don’t crash your computers with all the photos. I always intend to post more often instead of all at once. It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m sure all are a wee bit tired of hearing that from me.

#1: Electra (Female Black/White)
#1: Electra (Female Black/White)
#2: Boreas (Male - Tri-color)
#2: Boreas (Male – Tri-color)
#3: Gemini (Male: Chestnut Belton)
#3: Gemini (Male: Chestnut Belton)
#4: Ion (Male - Chestnut)
#4: Ion (Male – Chestnut)
#5: Orion - Male - Chestnut
#5: Orion – Male – Chestnut
#6: Pax - Male: Black/White
#6: Pax – Male: Black/White
#7: Quintus - Male: Belton (I believe he will be a blue or tri-color)
#7: Quintus – Male: Belton (I believe he will be a blue or tri-color)
#8: Nika - Female - Chestnut Belton
#8: Nika – Female – Chestnut Belton
#9: Male - Zef - Belton (Blue or Tri color)
#9: Male – Zef – Belton (Blue or Tri color)

They are becoming very cute!

Ion puppy (Chestnut male)
Borie – Tri-color male

IMG_7073 IMG_7087 IMG_7088-2 IMG_6793 IMG_6812 IMG_7057 IMG_7063-2

Orion (Male - Chestnut)
Orion (Male – Chestnut)
Borie (Male - Tri-color)
Borie (Male – Tri-color)
Nika (Female - Chestnut Belton)
Nika (Female – Chestnut Belton)

Remember the howling I mentioned???

Electra (Female - White/Black)
Electra (Female – White/Black)
Nika - Female - Chestnut Belton
Nika (NEE-kah) with a big puppy yawn!
Orion (Male - Chestnut)
Orion (Male – Chestnut)
Orion (Male – Chestnut)
Pax (Male - White/Black)
Pax (Male – White/Black)

IMG_6829 Zef (Male - Blue or Tri Belton) Ion (Male - Chestnut) Zef (Male - Blue or Tri Belton) Pax (Male - White/Black) Ion (Male - Chestnut)

I have the ID collars ready to put on and promise to do that within the next few days. That will make it much easier to identify which pup is which while watching them on the Live Puppy Cam. With so many beltons, it is very difficult to tell who is who if you can’t see their face.

They will have their first puppy mash today and things will get very messy for a while–the pups get covered in mash and the little pooping machines begin to overwhelm mommas. I’ll also be adding a pad/newspaper to the whelping box. It is amazing, but the pups will start using it to “go.” Eventually, I’ll move it to an area outside the box (when I start letting them have free reign of the puppy room)… then, we try to transition them to going outside.

Anyway, the real fun (and lots of smelly work for me) begins…

Stay tuned!

And, yes, there are males available. No, I do not know which ones are–the picking begins after the pups turn 6-weeks old and in the order of reservations/deposits received. Contact us to inquire about reserving one of these boys.

That’s all for tonight, folks.

-Hug your Llewellin Setter.