Yuck Season

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Hello all.

Long time no talk to and there is so much I have wanted to share and have missed. There just hasn’t been time.

It looks like we are on the other side of winter, although it seems a bit too early for it to be real. The thaw is on and the landscape is dreary, wet, and mucky. But, the pups are enjoying exploring the changing  topography and things revealed under all that melting snow.

Now that we can mostly walk in the snow, we’ve been getting them out almost daily, and some days several times a day, for a really nice run and they love it. They want to go more than we can take them! As things continue to melt and dry we will be able to take them more.


The pups out for their run.


Tex (litter name Luke) stalking/pointing one of the other pups.


Hank, an orange belton Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter puppy
Darling “Hank” puppy.


Cowboy puppy (aka Bear because he’s just like a teddy bear!)


I cannot seem to get good photos of the three boys–Cowboy (I call him Bear, Hank, or Tex). They are absolutely 3 of the most gorgeous boys and I can not believe they are still here. They are so sweet, so intelligent, built fantastic, and are pointing, stalking. It has to be the photos that do not do them justice in the least. We say every day what freaking awesome pups they are and scratch our heads in amazement that they are still here.





There they go!


Scott’s Decker Rat Terrier, Minnie, is great to take along on the puppy-runs. The pups love to follow her and if one gets out too far, Minnie herds them in. It’s hysterical. I think the pups like her so much because she is more their size–or at least not near as big as the adult Llews!



Darling Boss-puppy will be leaving this week, too. He’ll be flying to Salt Lake!



The pups love what they find that the snow and ice has covered up for months! 🙁


Have you ever tried to chase 9 Llewellin Setter puppies through deep, wet snow when they find something they probably shouldn’t have!?

It’s almost impossible to catch them when they can run on top of the snow and around pine trees and you get stuck in a waist-high drifts and lose your boots a time or two!

But, they have trust and excellent retrieving skills and brought it to me instead.

Nice, eh?

Rabbitt is so cool and so much fun. I just love this girl! She flies out to her new home in Texas later this week and will join her 2, older, half-brothers.



This is Cowboy-puppy, but I call him my Polar Bear puppy. He’s so white and so sweet and I love cuddling with him.



Contemplating the “river” crossing.



The pups are having so much fun playing in grass–something they have never seen until this week!





Boss crossing the stream!


Introduction to water!

Probably a little colder water than I would usually recommend for the first time, but sometimes you can’t control everything.


Luke (I call him Tex for some reason) crossing the stream. He’s such a trooper!






Wildy kickin’ up her heels and having a blast!



Cap testing the very cold water. Cap will be leaving for his home in Lower, MI, soon.


And there they go following Minnie. Too cute.


Hope you enjoy the photos and as always, you can see more on the Flicker gallery.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight.