Update and a New Video “Play Time”

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Everyone is asking about the gals with litters due later this month so I thought I better post an update. Gale, Kea, and Nashua all look preggers. Kea obviously so because she is the smallest. Nashua is really thickening and Gale is as well, so all looks good. It will be insanity here again, soon. 😉

The weather has been all over the place with highs on Saturday that reached the mid-40s! Whoa. That’s just crazy for the end of February in the UP. I think half of the snow pack melted. Sunday, though, temperatures fell back to normal and we received a little snow to freshen things up again. As long as you can stay on top of the snow, your okay, but if you break through (like you’ll see a few of the dogs doing), it’s still 2-3′ deep.

I’m really trying to up my game with video, so I put another little bit together from “play time”. You can see the Llews just playing and having fun. It is still nearly impossible to go to the woods or bigger play area until the snow is gone. So this is nothing spectacular, but I need the practice. And practice is difficult when the dogs want my attention while I’m trying to hold two cameras. lol. Most of what I take is not usable. Fun, none-the-less. I’m working on several more incorporating photos from all the years. I can’t wait to take more footage and especially of the dogs hunting. Anyway, here is the video, all taken after all the snow melted. 🙂


Have a great evening and hug your Llewellin Setter tonight!

Stay tuned for an announcement concerning puppy training classes we will be offering this summer.