Quin and Orion Update

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Blustery Yooper Tuesday

After a very blustery Tuesday, where the pups could barely step outside—they really wanted to go out and play and tried to go out, but it was soooo windy it took their breath away—Quin and Orion got to go out a lot today. A perfect 15°F made it a nice enough for lots of fun in all the new snow.

The last day together

 Quin is leaving tomorrow, so this was our last day together.

He will fly off to his waiting family in Boston. 🙂


Orion is stuck with us for a few more weeks and then will fly off to California. 🙂



So, the “Winter Storms” litter are about all gone. I’ll move Maddie’s “Birds” to the kitchen tonight as they are escaping the whelping box. Orion will come into the main part of the house, until his new family in California are ready for him… if I can let him go by then! 😉

Have a great night, all.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight.