The Puppy Cam is Live—Watch Maddie & Doc Puppies!

The puppy cam is finally live again and you can all tune-in to watch Maddie and Doc’s puppies now. The link can always be found in the right sidebar.

I’m so sorry for the lag at times. I’ll be on the phone with AT&T again tomorrow to try to get a better Internet package. Or I’ll just have to try to fix the laptop and get a new, wired cam.


Live streaming video by Ustream

Anyway, hope you enjoy watching! They are having a grand time with some new puppy toys and are really trying to escape the whelping box. They get sooo mad when I have to put them back in the box after letting them out to explore a bit while I change and clean the box. I hope to move the pups to the kitchen this weekend where they can really begin exploring and even start venturing outdoors (and potty-training?!), if the temperatures are mild enough.

Thank you for your patience.