June 04, 2012

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Hi all.

Every time I say I will be more diligent in posting, I fail. This time my reason is because I was a wimpy chick and somehow injured my back. UGH. I can’t believe I did it and I don’t even know how I did it. No, I don’t have some grand episode of heroism or a great story to tell of how it happened. It came on rather slowly actually. The tightness, the pain, and then, wham! I could barely do anything. It’s getting better but one of the things I cannot do is sit! Sitting at the computer or driving practically paralyzes me. Pretty lame for someone making  their living sitting at a computer, eh?

Bending over and lifting are also on the list of things that drops me to my knees. Then, I am forced to crawl around like that for a bit until I can stretch it out and find something that I can ever-so-carefully pull myself back up to a standing position. Maybe God wants me on my knees?

Anyway, it’s been a struggle to carry out the daily chores, get the puppies out for romping and pictures (practically impossible, actually), and to even consider sitting at the computer to write or work. I finally fired up the groaning, aged laptop and am writing this while kneeling. It is maddening and frustrating, and has me furious with myself for getting into this sad state of uselessness. I can usually get myself over a little pulled muscle in a day or two and this has turned my world upside down for almost a month! Ice packs are my new best friend.

Whine, whine, whine. I know. I just thought I better offer an explanation as to the absence of photos and posts. I am also very far behind in email responses. I could usually do the email and even write posts via my cell phone, but my worthless cell phone provider has now decided to restrict my data (while roaming and because I moved, I am now always roaming) and thus, I have used up my allowance for data in two days… so I can’t get email on my billion dollar cell phone even though I pay a million dollars a month for an “unlimited” everything plan… which is no longer unlimited unless I am on their network… and where I live is not even close to being on their network… And I was an idiot and after 10 years of not having a contract, lost my mind at some point late last summer and signed a contract for two years. I called to cancel my contract, but of course they say I am too late. Deadline to cancel because they changed the contract was like two months ago. Seriously? So I am stuck with it… and can’t even use it…. and I want to SCREAM. I hate you T-mobile.  Twelve years of being a loyal customer means nothing. Ten of which I didn’t have a contract. Twelve years with 5 lines and I am a nobody and they will not do a thing for me… except of course tell me I can $55 more a month for more data!  I could go off on a rant about that and fill pages and pages, but I am certain no one wants to hear about it.  In fact, it is probably true this is probably one of the worst posts ever and I should just delete it now. It’s pain-induced. In many ways.

Okay, enough of the whining already, let’s talk puppies–they are doing great! They are such great puppies–and gorgeous puppies, too! No, seriously, they are beautiful pups. But you wouldn’t know that because it seems like a month since I have been able to take any new photos. I am hoping to get caught up and back to normal any day now.

And let’s talk dogs.. All are great and Sanatana and Maddie are looking good and preggers. I am working on completing projects to get everyone rearranged and bring them inside which means the older puppies will have to go outside 🙁 and Kea, Dora, and Mia will need to go back out as well. But everyone is ready and willing. I just have to get projects and kennels ready.

That’s it for now.

I apologize for my sad, pathetic state and for the lame post.