Hitting the Trail with Luke

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Hitting the trail
Our playground tonight

I decided to hit the trail this evening with Luke. I have many young dogs to work, but needed some special time with my Luke. He was so excited to go, too! So, off we headed to the top of Laurel Mt to try a trail I haven’t been on since last summer. What a beautiful evening it was. The temperature was perfect with a slight chill in the air, it was breezy, things are in bloom, wildlife is bustling–it was just grand.

Spring blooms
Mountain Laurel

The air smells incredible with blooms everywhere.

Luke pointing a Ruffed GrouseLuke pointing a Ruffed Grouse
Luke pointing a Ruffed Grouse

Luke knows this game with me on the bike, he works the cover and the wind. It didn’t take long for Luke to go on point. I ditch the bike, go in and find him on a beautiful point, get a few photos and Mr. Ruff thunders out of the brush.

Luke having a great run
Luke having a great run

We continue on and Luke is having a great run and I, a great ride.

Luke finds another grouse.
Luke finds another grouse.

It didn’t take long until Luke nailed another Ruff. Wow, this dog always amazes me.

Laurel Lynnhill Luke
Laurel Lynnhill Luke

I love this run. There is every type of cover situation along this trail. There is mature woods, a very young cut, a few in-between cuts, and a nice field.

Luke ready to go.

We had an excellent run. There wasn’t much to work on today, we were really just out for some exercise. I am not saying this dog is perfect all the time, but he certainly was today. Luke hopped up into the truck and we headed down the mountain.

Heading home

It was a great end to a great day.