Game On!

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Beautiful Ruffed Grouse 20150930-_MG_2541
Beautiful Ruffed Grouse


As much as I have sort of been in denial and not quite ready for the Ruffed Grouse season, the weather has finally cooled and the season is in full swing. I’m not ready for company, but they are here. I’m not ready for anything, but it happens anyway!

The Northwoods on October 1st, 2015 20151001-_MG_2727
The Northwoods on October 1st, 2015


The leaves are changing and starting to come down, but the woods is still thick and the birds hard to down.


Hazel Puppy 20150930-_MG_2618
Hazel Puppy

Tori and Steele’s puppies have been leaving over the past week and most are now in their new homes. Our morning playtime has been pushed a bit later the past few mornings to wait for some of the frost to melt and the air to warm a bit from the 22 degrees we have been waking up to!

Puppy play time 20150930-_MG_2595
Puppy play time

The pups have even scented and pointed both grouse and woodcock! I kid you not, these guys are something else and our walks have produced scented points every time out over the past 3 days.  I love every minute of walking them and watching them work scent.

Fun hunting with friends 20150930-_MG_2521
Fun hunting with friends

Friends are arriving and the house is full, the days full of chores and hunting. Every minute is packed full!

The beauty of Autumn 20150930-_MG_2493
The beauty of Autumn

I love, love, love Fall. It is here. I am trying to get out as much as possible!

Kea - Ranger Puppy 20150929-_MG_2460-2
Kea – Ranger Puppy

Kea and Ranger’s puppies turned 3 weeks old and have started their puppy mash. They are so stinking cute! I’ll get more photos and set up the puppy cam as soon as I can move them into the puppy room after all of Tori and Steele’s puppies leave for their new homes. By the way, three of Tori’s puppies are still available!

Kea - Ranger Puppy 20150929-_MG_2458-2
Kea – Ranger Puppy
Lovely Brazil puppy 20150929-_MG_2416
Lovely Brazil puppy (female – available)
Cono Puppy 20150929-_MG_2413
Cono Puppy (male – available)
Alma puppy 20150929-_MG_2370
Alma puppy (female – available)
The puppies get lots of attention from company! 20150928-_MG_2294
The puppies get lots of attention from company!

The puppies receive tons of lovin’ and attention from all of the company.

The colors of Autumn 20150928-_MG_2211
The colors of Autumn
Cash Puppy 20150928-_MG_2194
Cash Puppy

Cash leaves for his new home tomorrow.

Beautiful fall walk with the puppies 20150928-_MG_2173
Beautiful fall walk with the puppies

Hazel left for her new home yesterday.

Brazil puppy 20150928-_MG_2086-2
Brazil (female – available)
Peanut puppy

Peanut flew off to her new home in New York earlier this week.

Play time
Cash puppy

Too much fun!



Between puppy play times, trips to the airports, vet appointments for health certificates, and the normal, everyday kennel chores, house chores, blah, blah, blah, I try to join the guys for a quick hunt. I wish someone else would take over the chores, eh?! I miss, miss, miss hunting more.

OH and did I mention that Rue is in heat?! Yahoo! Except it makes everything just a bit more challenging–one more in the house to keep the kennel quiet and the boys from being so wound up. And, I have to be very careful about hunting her right now.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Sorry for the lack of updates! I start to write almost every night and never get to finish.

I hope your season is going well! Let me know how it is going.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight and get out hunting!