Dreary Start to November 2015; Northern Lights Litter Leave

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Hi All!

It’s been a very dreary week with lots of rain, which we really needed, but uck, rain is no fun with puppies or dogs. And not a lot of fun when folks are picking up their pups.


Anyway, most of Kea’s litter have now left for their new homes and Austra and Sola will be flying off to theirs tomorrow.  Maker has enjoyed their company, although I think he wishes they were a bit bigger. Five weeks is a big size difference in the first place and Kea’s puppies are smaller than Tori’s anyway. 🙂

Maker (Tori x Steele) Available 20151023-_DSC0061
Maker (Tori x Steele) Available

We continue to be amazed that Maker is still here–this is one, beautiful, smart, and talented pup!

Beautiful Maker Puppy 20151101-_80A4993
Beautiful Maker Puppy

Maker continues to impress us every day. While out for his walks, he consistently finds and points either Ruffed Grouse or the wild pheasants here on the farm. This is scent-pointing–not site pointing.

Little Austra sweetie pie
Austra and Maker–huge size difference, eh?! They grow a lot in 5 weeks.
Maker, Austra, and Sola
Sola sweetie-pie, honey-bunch

Sola and Austra are now spending the nights in the crate and took to it without even so much as a whimper. I love that! They will be prepared for their flights Tuesday.

They love, love, love to play outside and could care less if it is raining. We’ve had lots of fun together.

The Tamaracks cheer us up a bit!

It’s a good thing we are blessed to have the beauty of the Tamaracks to keep the landscape beautiful during the time between beautiful fall and winter. Soon everything will be white again.

Once the pups leave this week, I will hopefully get back to some hard core hunting before Ruffed Grouse season goes out for two weeks for stupid whitetail hunting season. I can’t stand whitetail rifle season or trapping season. It ruins everything for hunting our dogs or getting anything worthwhile accomplished.

Addie and Mia’s pups are due the first week of the deer hunting season so I’ll be busy getting the house set up for that again and then for company for Thanksgiving. I am actually hoping for a mild December when the Ruffed Grouse season comes back in so I can really enjoy time hunting with my dogs. Here’s hoping! It’s also a very busy time for the photography business and a girl has to work to pay the bills, right? 🙁

I hope you are enjoying the hunting season over your dogs and thank you to everyone that have shared photos and updates! I will share them here on the blog soon. Keep sending them–email is best (lazurs at laurelllewellins) and makes it great for sharing photos on the site.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight.