Counting Down

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Mild end to the first Ruffed Grouse Season in the UP
Mild end to the first Ruffed Grouse Season in the UP

Well, the Ruffed Grouse season is out for a few weeks while the sacred (to those who partake) Whitetail Deer season has started. So, my focus is on the mad dash to get caught up on a few projects before winter sets in, the holidays sneak up on me, and to get ready for the winter litters.

First snowfall

Speaking of winter… we finally received our first real snowfall the other day.

Maker enjoying the first snow!

Maker very much enjoyed playing in the snow. He’s off to his new home within the next few days.


My hope is, as much as I love winter, that the mild weather continues so I can get out bird hunting when Ruffed Grouse opens again for the month of December. I am counting the days! In the mean time, Mia and Addie are due to have their puppies and I’m in the midst of turning the house upside down again to accommodate puppies. Someday I’ll have my swanky puppy building, right?


So, the room and whelping boxes are scrubbed, repainted if necessary, and most supplies gathered. I still need to bring the separation panels in and get them up, and order several items, but I’m almost ready.

A few supplies gathered…

Addie and Mia are resting up enjoying the sofa and pointing tweetie birds at the feeders–which they would gladly do all day if I’d let them.

Addie chilling on the sofa


Mia waiting for a treat…


Addie waiting for tweetie birds


Mia watching tweetie birds

Sometimes I think they both look huge and are going to have lots of puppies and other times I think they aren’t big at all. So, I have no idea how many pups they will have. Crazy how they can hide 8-9 puppies in there.

And so, we have several count-downs going on–the days until Mia and Addie have their pups, the days until the second Ruffed Grouse season opens, the days until Thanksgiving (when my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson will be here, and then, the days until Christmas!

Hmmm… Mia starting panting this afternoon.


It’s taken me a few days to write this post. I would start, get distracted, try again the next day when I thought I may have a few minutes or while I was waiting for someone, etc. So here it is, days later, not much content and just a few pictures. In the mean time, Mia started heavy panting this afternoon canceling all plans for the rest of the day. It looks like we might have puppies tonight. Of course we would have puppies on the night following several nights of little or no sleep. You never know when these things will happen, though! We’ll see…

20151115-_80A5679 20151115-_80A5684

I’ve posted a few videos of her in the Flicker gallery here, just in case you ever wondered what a dog in labor looks like. 🙁

Oh– and please let me know if you have some litter theme suggestions. I could really use your creative ideas for a theme and names.  ðŸ™‚

That’s all for now–hug your Llewellin Setter tonight, folks, and stay tuned for the update on Mia’s litter!