Introducing Addie & Cowboy’s Americana Litter

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Born on the 3rd of July, a patriotic-themed litter was obvious. We’ve had a few over the years so I hope I haven’t used these names too much previously. Now 18-days-old, the pups are starting to get around very well and are so stinking cute and just look at how fat!

Laurel Mountain Majesty, Addie with her beautiful litter of Llewellin Setter puppies sired by Ride a Cowboy 20160717-680A0176
Addie & her Puppies

They were young enough to not mind the move to the old place at all. Addie is loving it here so I think everyone is happy and thus, healthy. Addie visited all the spots she had dug giant holes previously. The holes had been filled in, but she opened them up once again. She needs hiding places, right?! But she’s a happy girl so we’ll let it slide. 🙂

Without further ado, meet the puppies!

Beautiful tri-color male llewellin setter puppy, "Abe" 20160717-680A0181
Abe – Male Tri-color
Bella- female Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter puppy 20160717-680A0186-2
Female Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter Puppy 20160717-680A0193
Libby, female Llewellin Setter puppy out of Addy x Cowboy 20160717-680A0209-2
Female LM llewellin setter puppy 20160717-680A0220-2
Addie enjoying some play time in the yard. Fit as ever--like she didn't just have puppies! 20160717-680A0229
Addie enjoying some play time in the yard. Fit as ever–like she didn’t just have puppies!
On the look out for birds


All puppies are reserved. You can see the litter page here. And always watch the LML Flicker Gallery for the latest photos.

Have a great day and hug your Llewellin Setter!