Allie and Cowboy

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It’s still very much winter here in the Northwoods, which, you all know, is just fine with me. No ticks or mosquitoes. No mud. Just clean, frozen fun!

I’ve dubbed the pups Allie and Croc until they grow out of the puppy biting.

Which actually is happening rather quickly.

Allie the Alligator
Allie too stinking cute!
Run, Allie, run!
You make me melt
Always on alert
busy busy busy
Cowboy, the crocodile
Run, be free!
Hello handsome grandson of Luke.


Pups learn very fast.

It only takes consistency and repetitiveness.

And patience, of course.

There are several approaches to teach puppies to stop biting. Stop petting them while they are trying to bite you… walk away. No petting while biting. Distract them by putting something in their mouth they can bite (toy) or put their leg in their mouth. Stop petting them and growl at them. Used in combination, these tactics usually work rather quickly.

Llewellin Setters thrive on praise and they love to please you–if you’ve taken the time to show them any.

Not receiving your praise or attention is punishment enough!