The Indians Get to Go Outside

We’ve had a warming trend the past two days. The pups got to at least step outside a little yesterday. Today, Sioux, went to the door scratching and crying! I opened the door and out she went to do her business. Very cool. The rest of the tribe followed and they played a bit. Citori and Kohl happened to be out in the big yard on the other side of the fence and they came to meet and greet the puppies right away. It is hard to believe those two were the same size just six months ago!

Not to slight the darling Gunners–they are 5 weeks old today!!!!!! Wow. I have a lot of work to do taking and updating photos. If you have noticed on the puppy cams, I have been putting the Gunners and Indians together during the day. They are getting along fabulously, now. 🙂.