A Match Made in Heaven

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Kohl, and his new owner, Steve

Did you ever feel like there really are matches made in Heaven? Where everything just “fits” perfectly together? You know like peanut butter and jelly? I think I witnessed something such as this today.

Several weeks ago we were contacted by a gentleman looking for an older pup or started dog. We discussed the dogs we had available, sent photos, talked more and we all decided Kohl was the perfect dog for him. He loved the photos and the personalities seemed to match.

Steve arrived this morning on his way from Maine to meet Kohl, then on to visit family in Tennessee. Kohl and Steve seem to be the perfect pair. Steve had the most gentle and caring personality for the equally gentle, and loyal soul of this darling dog, Kohl. They clicked!

After a nice visit, we walked them out to Steve’s van and what surprises he had waiting for Kohl! Steve gave him a stuffed hedgehog toy and Kohl sat and held it proudly for Steve (Kohl is a wonderful retriever, by the way). There were all sorts of comforts waiting in the back of the van–a cozy cot, a crate with a pad, toys, treats, a  nonspillable water dish, and more.

Kohl and his new toy

I felt so happy for both of them as they drove away. Both are getting a constant companion. They get to spend all of their time together and hunt everywhere Steve has the inclination to go, although they don’t have to go far at all, living in Maine! Both seem to have personalities that perfectly fit each other. Steve knew exactly how to handle this pup–with soft words, gentle soothing petting, and he has that tone and voice that instantly put Kohl at ease.

It hardly gets any better than that, you know? You may think we are a bit nuts. But, we just cannot help but fall in-love with these dogs. Business or not, they are living creatures. And not just any living creature, but Llewellin Setters, and if given the chance will find their way into your heart and touch the deepest depths of our souls. They really can learn everything about us and even know us so well that I think they read our minds. They care about what we want them to do, what we expect from them and want to please us. If we take that same time to know our Llewellins and understand their needs and what drives them, we end up with wonderful hunting partners and companions.

If humans took the time to do that for each other, and showed even half of that loyalty, can you imagine how wonderful friendships and marriages could be? We humans could learn a few things from these Llewellin Setters, couldn’t we?