Nashua x Luke (The Cowboys) Week 2

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Hello all,

Things are hopping here that’s for certain and it is only going to get worse (or much more fun, depending on how you look at it). I love it, so I look at it as fun. 🙂

I thought I better take a few minutes to post an update on Nash x Luke puppies. They are officially, “The Cowboys.” They are starting to open their eyes and they can scoot around rather well. Many are trying to walk and do pretty good. Love that drunken sailor puppy walk!

The next week will be full of changes. Their eyes will be fully open, they will get much better at walking, and their coloration and markings will really start to come out. By next week, they will be ready for puppy mash and at about 3 weeks, at least one usually figures out how to escape the whelping box. When that happens, the extra panel for the front of the box will have to be installed.

They will receive their first worming this evening. They have had their nails trimmed several times already. Nash is doing great and looks fantastic, although I wish she was eating more.

My really-good camera is officially out of commission. I wear cameras out! Anyway, this is why there are suddenly very few pictures. The cell camera does a pretty good job with sleeping puppies under the lights. It is horrible when it comes to puppies in motion. I’ll better get something figured out fast and in the mean time will try to resurrect yet another camera that was also having issues.

Enjoy the latest photos below. Be sure to click on them for a much larger view. If the slideshow isn’t working, you can use this link or like us on Facebook to get the inside scoop and view the photos.

Thanks all!