Llewellin Puppies are Really Smart

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Maybe you read the earlier post about the puppies getting up on my desk (okay, one particularly agile Llewellin puppy), and destroying several very expensive items. I blame it all on my husband who left and didn’t put the puppies in their crates before leaving.

One of the items was my long-awaited for Blackberry 9700, just 3 weeks old. I got to thinking about how on earth they dismantled it. You see, I’ll be quite honest here, when I got the phone it must have taken me 20 minutes to get the battery cover off of it! I actually had to go online and read about –and even view a video–about this special technique of pushing and pulling and applying pressure here or there all at the same time to remove it! I am normally (or so I thought) very inclined to figure these types of things out without a hitch. People come to me for help and there I was watching a video on how to do this!

The first piece of my dismantled and destroyed BB I found (although barely recognizable) was the battery cover! How did they do that? How did they so easily apply pressure here and there and push and pull at the same time with their little puppy paws and remove this? Maybe the trick is in the sharp puppy teeth? Oh, yeah, I hadn’t tried that.

Next, I am thinking, now what a minute–I had a virtually indestructible cover on the phone–where is it? How on earth did they get that off? Getting that off also requires (for me, anyway) two hands and pulling it apart in two different directions. So, maybe one puppy had one end and another puppy had the other? Huh? Really? How did they do this?

Then, okay—and this is really something—there is the slot where the ity-bity tinsy micro-sd card goes. It is inside, under the battery cover and tucked up inside the phone. I can’t tell you how long it took me to get the original card out to put my card in that contains all of my contact info and music. Yes, I had to research and view a video on how to do that also–it isn’t easy at all!  If I thought the battery cover was impossible, this was even more so! I had to use my finger nail and finagle it just so while pushing down and pulling outward, while holding it upside down and shaking it all at the same time–really, I am not kidding. They got that out of the phone, too. But, maybe that just popped out when they crunched down on the rest of the phone–I hadn’t tried that myself…

Well, I believe I have found all of the pieces to the phone–even the tiny mico-sd card. So, I don’t think they swallowed any pieces of that. I haven’t found one lens to my reading glasses, though…  But, I have to give them credit for getting it all apart like they did–they are really smart. I wonder if they are smart enough to figure out how I can get another one to replace it (without waiting another 2 years for an upgrade or forking out $500 for it)?

I guess that’s what I get for having such a device! Shame on me!!! Or I could just keep blaming it on my husband and see how long it takes him in overtime to replace it–and my glasses, keyboard, mouse, books, camera, and the super-cool pilot markers I got for Christmas! Why couldn’t they just eat another pair of slippers?  ::sniff:: ::sniff:: It would have been cool to see how they did all this in a matter of 15 minutes if I still had a Web cam, but they chewed both of those, too.

Please don’t get me wrong–I puppy proof our house! It does–ask anyone that’s been here–look more like a dog kennel than a house. I had all of these items safely on my desk, seemingly out of reach of little destructive puppy teeth. The thing is, these are really smart puppies–then can figure out how to get up on the desk and throw items down for the rest of them.

I can guarantee I won’t be leaving the house without crating my very, very smart Llewellin puppies! Hey, I wonder if they know how to change the time on the clock in the pick-up truck?   🙂