Let’s Meet! I Want to Get Together With LML Owners

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While I am still in PA–but planning on returning to the UP as soon as possible–I’d love to meet Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter owners and your dog(s). 

As of this post, I invite you to meet me in Ligonier, PA and at the studio. Weird, I know, but it’s a place we can sit and chat and dogs are, of course, allowed at the studio :). I’d love to have a little photo shoot while you are there, too, in anticipation (and inclusion) of the book, LML Setter Tales. I would love to know all about your Laurel Mt Llewellin. Being that it is summer and lousy, hot, humid weather here, there isn’t much else we could do anyway. I don’t even know where we could run a dog here any more. I’ve really lost touch and interest in running a bird dog in PA, where there isn’t much public land and I, frankly, just can’t take the heat and humidity here (for health reasons) so have no desire to be outdoors in the summer (which is why I must live in a cooler, dryer climate). 

But, while I am still here, I’d love to invite you to Ligonier. I’d love to extend this to me coming to visit other LML owners at their homes in PA–or anywhere in the world, for that matter–but for now I am limited to inviting you to Ligonier for a visit at the studio. I wish I would have thought of it sooner as I do plan on leaving here as soon as possible. My daughter isn’t walking, yet, but they are actively looking for someone to take my place so I get back to the U.P. Anyway, I’ll just put this out there in case you are near and can visit very soon.

Contact me via the form below (please include your phone number in the message area so I can call), and let’s get together! I’ve always love when I get to see the pups in person and always seemed to have had some reason that I wasn’t able to see those in the PA area (usually, I’m only here for a few days at a time). And it dawned on me in the middle of the night tonight, that I can do this here and now! And in the future, I’d love to visit others at their homes, or other areas of the country, and when I return to the UP, invite you to visit there. 

I’m looking forward to getting together!