Updates Saturday, January 11th, 2014

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Hello All,


I hope the first almost two weeks of 2014 have been great for you. It’s been a whirlwind of craziness at LML! Nothing unusual, though.

We’ve survived a week of crazy weather and temperatures I’m told. It is winter after all and these things should be expected. A deep freeze can make life a bit more difficult if you are not prepared. I suppose the lesson is, then, we’d better be prepared for it. At least better than I was which caused some inconveniences like a frozen water pump and after I thawed that out, the hot water lines for about 5 days. I am grateful for a wood stove (to heat all the water I needed among other things) and don’t know how anyone lives without one! Had one dead car battery, making me grateful for my sweet trickle charger that my father got me last year for Christmas! Broke the handle right off the front door when I tried to open it to let dogs out one morning. That was really bizarre. Broken digital outdoor thermometer. Yep, I guess digital thermometers don’t like -45°F or whatever it was. That’s the last recording it gave. 😉

Ruffed Grouse season has ended here, but I hope those of you in states where it is still open are getting out with your dogs. Once the season is out, our souls long for the fall openers and we begin another count down and our dreams turn to memories afield.

Next, I can report that I finally have Maddie x Doc’s litter page up. You can see it here. And you can see more photos, as always, on the Flickr Photostream.

Puppy mash face


Maddie and Doc’s pups are doing fantastic. They’ve enjoyed several days of their puppy mash and it won’t be long before they start escaping the whelping box.

I hope to have the puppy cam going early in the week. I have to order a few things to get it working again because Santana’s puppies kinda had their way with the setup at Christmas and I haven’t had a chance to find the things I need to get it working again. That task is on the list for this weekend… maybe!

We are heading to the airport tomorrow to get Nika and Ion from Santana x Count’s litter off to their new homes in New Hampshire and Texas. So, puppy baths again this evening, one last nail trim, crates together, paperwork to do, etc.





This gang is having a blast outside! I can barely get them to come back inside when I need them to. They are having so much fun exploring and certainly do not want to come back in to the boring kitchen. They are a fabulous bunch of pups! I love that they want to explore—bold and beautiful sweetie-pies.

That’s all for today. Hope you are all warm and cozy cuddling up to your Llew.