The Dog Days…

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Sunset at the farm.
Sunset at the farm.

Ugh… it is indeed the dog days of summer. I really shouldn’t complain as I hear it is much more miserable in other parts of the world, but I still wish for cooler temperatures. I’m allowed to wish, right? I’ve been spoiled by a fantastic summer thus far–the summers I had hoped for when I moved here. But, temperatures have increased over the past week or so. It still isn’t that bad, and in comparison to the past two years, these temperatures would have seemed cool, but it is still too warm to do much with the dogs–if you are me, that is.

And, you might really think I am complaining if I were to mention that I haven’t turned on the air-conditioning at all this summer! No, not once. Which is fantastic. Because it didn’t work the last time I did try to turn it on (which I did mostly just to get some air flowing and humidity sucked out of the basement). Anyway, I won’t complain too much about it. No right to.

I’m just saying.

Maybe it’s just that I am so unbelievably pumped that the season is coming soon and all I can think about is getting to the woods with the dogs… and getting moved. I suppose you could say that I am absolutely obsessed with both. And, neither can happen right now. So, I need to calm down, relax, and just wait for everything to fall into place to finally move and for the temperatures to cool.

It’s hard to try not to control everything or at least try to do something about these things that hold us back. Sometimes, however, it’s best to wait. It’s all for a reason, right?

My office for the afternoon
My office for the afternoon


Any who enough of all that nonsense. Let’s see… I did get to spend a few days up at the new homestead working on a few little things I can do to inch toward getting there for good. I finally got Internet on my last day there and worked outside for the afternoon. It was glorious!

Aurora dancing over August Haven Farm
Aurora dancing over August Haven Farm


Milky Way over August Haven Farm
Milky Way over August Haven Farm


Aurora over August Haven Farm
Aurora over August Haven Farm


A foggy morning sunrise looking over our fields and woods where our Llewellins will soon be running!
A foggy morning sunrise looking over our fields and woods where our Llewellins will soon be running!


I got to stay up all night photographing the Aurora and beautiful foggy morning sunrises.

Back to the little farm and all our Llews are doing great and getting anxious for hunting season, too. They just know it is coming. Are yours like that? It’s amazing that they know.

All the pups are doing great. Better than great, really. I simply love all of them and am thrilled with what I see in them.



Nash’s puppies have turned 8-weeks old. Darling Maus (now Scarlett) will be the first to leave and is flying to her new home in PA tomorrow. I love everyone of these pups. They are so much fun and game for anything with tails wagging. They are the happiest, sweetest pups and are so smart, learning very fast.

Play time in the big yard is a total blast them. We open the gate and they leap and run and go in all directions–each seemingly with their own agenda as to what they want to explore first. They go in all directions at first, pair up with another or two, then they all come back together to hang out and follow along with us. We do lots of rounds of the property, then we always settle back near the long Lilac hedge where it is shady and cool and they love to find a stick or branch to chew or to play chase with. They can always find something to have a grand time with or just contently chew on something while enjoying the cool grass on their belly.

Scott and Amy




Yay! We are free!


Missy getting lots of lovins

We call Missy “little Nash” because she looks and acts so much like her momma.

Play, play, play


Nash x Count, llewellin setter, puppies sharing a stick
Sharing a stick


Zeus, laurel mt llewellin setter puppy takes off with the stick
Zeus running away with the stick.

Humans should be more like puppies–finding a way to make everything a fun game.


Missy found a stick for herself



We call the Gizmo, “peanut”. Once the smallest little thing, we now have a hard time  telling her apart from Amy and Helios! The three of them look so similar and are now the same size! If we can’t see their face, we aren’t sure…

Llewellin Setter puppies pointing a wing
Fun with a wing-on-a-string


We don’t like to encourage sight-pointing at all, but all our puppies do at this age anyway. So, we just had to get out a wing and have some fun. Frankly, I could have just used the mop because they love to point it while I clean! But this fun game must be a wing, right? The nice thing about this wing is that it was frozen and just taken out for today’s fun.

And, guess what? Not only were they sight-pointing the wing, but they ALL were tracking it/searching for it with their noses, too. There we go. Just what I want to see.

If Scott would flip the wing behind them, they would start searching/smelling the ground where it had been and find it again with their nose. The wind was perfect for the game. I loved what I saw.

As said, we don’t play this game often, but it was great fun, I have to admit.

Amy happened to be the star of this show. It held her attention the longest. It was pretty warm and most of the gang would point, stalk, etc., for a bit, then they had to go back to the cool shade. Amy didn’t want to quit!

More wing-on-a-string


Gizzy and the wing


Maus and Amy puppies pointing the wing
Maus and Amy pointing




Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter puppies, Amy and Gizzy, pointing the wing
Amy and Gizzy


A very intense Alex watching the wing.


Amy puppy on point
Amy on point


Puppies taking a break in the shade.
Puppies taking a break in the shade.






Helios and Amy


Helios and Amy


The Indians

Kea’s puppies are almost 6-weeks old. They enjoy playing on the deck and spend as much time as they want out there. They prefer to go inside for their naps. I can’t wait to get them out in the big yard after they’ve had their shots.

I am really excited about these litters–each has a special meaning for me and I am just about furious with myself that I can’t keep at least one from each.

I have waited for Kea’s litter to Count for years and am not disappointed with what I see in them–so many personality traits of both Kea and Count. You can just see the wheels turning. The next few weeks are going to be a lot of fun!

Female Llewellin Setter puppy, "Maria" out of Kea by Count
Maria (female Kea x Count)


Female "Sacajawea" tri-color Laurel Mt Llewellin Setter Puppy
Sacajawea (female Kea x Count)



Somehow, I am not getting many photos of this gang. I guess it’s because they just want in my lap every time we play that it’s very hard at this age. They suck up all the loving. And, hey, how can I care about anything else with these 8 beauties in my lap!?

It is sooo hard to not fall in love with every one of them. They are happy and sweet and sooo smart. I love smart. I love their stylishness and attitude. I can’t wait to get them out in the yard and I will be able to do that in a few more days.


The Gunslingers

And then, I have to totally control every ounce of myself to not fall head over heels for one of Lady-Birds pups. Not just because I know exactly what these guys will be like–I do have Kea and Cowboy out of Bird, but oh my gosh, these pups!

First, as soon as I walk in the room, they are at my feet… licking. Their tails wag, wag, wag and they are so stinking happy to see me. Oh my.

Okay, then just look at them… Billy the Kid looks and reminds me so much of my Boone, that I just want to gobble him up. Love that attitude and style. And, oh my gosh, Sunny, Jesse, Bass, Cass and Starr, oh my.


Four of the Gunslingers
Four of the Gunslingers – Bass, Jesse, Sundance, and Billy the Kid



Male Llewellin Setter puppy
Mr. Butch Cassidy “Cass” Lady Bird x Steele


The Kid


Billy the Kid and Jesse James
Billy the Kid and Jesse James


Gorgeous male llewellin setter puppy
Jesse James


female llewellin setter puppy
Sweet Belle Starr


Sundance a.k.a. Sunny


Well, I am in Llewellin Setter puppy heaven. I am absolutely thrilled with these pups. I love that they are all very bright–you have to have a smart dog–they are so happy and healthy and full of life and fun and eager to learn and to be with you. I couldn’t be happier…

Except it’s summer. I do not like having puppies in the summer! Mostly because of heat and bugs… But, this summer hasn’t been so bad. I hope the hot-dog-days end quickly and we’ll look forward to getting ready for that coveted opening day and getting moved. All in His time, right?

Well, that’s all for tonight. Big day taking Scarlett to the airport and tons of work.

Hug your Llewellin Setter tonight.