Comanche is the First to Leave the Tribe

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Well, the first Indian left the nest, today. We met the wonderful Mason family from Maine in New York. Of course, I was brainless and didn’t get a family photo!!!! Darn it!

Comanche did excellent for the first time alone in a crate and his first automobile ride. He was a perfect angel. I hope the other half of his journey home went just as well.

Many, many thanks to my son, Ramsey, for going on this road trip with me! I don’t know how I could have pulled it off without him. I normally love a road trip–no problem at all and no distance is too far–the 17 or even 22-hour trips in the fall are never a problem for me–but yesterday I was quite frankly exhausted and had to turn the wheel over to him after just an hour and a half into the trip. We took turns the rest of the day and it was very nice to have his company (I usually make the trips alone).

It has been a while since I made a trip through north-eastern PA in the daylight. I really had forgotten how lovely it is and the terrain offers everything from flat farm land to our beautiful mountains. Much of the snow was melted there, just as it has here. I did get to see some guys hunting with setters somewhere in Center county, PA. 🙂 Go, grouse hunters!

We returned to the rest of the family really missing us! Ha! They didn’t appreciate doing all my chores. 🙂 We are a family, right? lol.

UPDATE: I heard from the Mason’s. They reported Comanche is great and did well the rest of the trip home to Maine with just two potty breaks. He had a good night getting to sleep in their bed and got them up twice to go outside. They said he is a very loving pup and loves attention (one of the qualities they were hoping for). They also reported he loves to chew anything he can find and quickly found the electrical cords so more puppy proofing was in order!