Thank You!

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I have been contemplating how to talk about something really, really nice that some really, really wonderful folks did for me over Christmas. I feel terrible that I haven’t talked about it, yet.

First, I am probably not a typical female, although I think there or more and more lady hunters these days. It used to be I was the only one and some tried to make me feel like I was weird or something. I grew up hunting. I feel very fortunate and very blessed to have been introduced to hunting and shooting at such a young age. I am a very lucky girl!

I was involved for many years in the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Women in the Outdoors program. I coordinated events to introduce ladies to the wonderful world of hunting and shooting. I taught some classes and made some wonderful friends. It is a wonderful program and I highly recommend ladies attend a WITO event in their area.

Okay, so, I am an outdoorsy, no-frills gal these days and I worry way more about comfort than looking good. But, I will admit that I have really let myself go and am at an age that I probably should start taking better care of myself (sorry, hubby of mine). I never wear skin products—they make me itch, they smell bad, feel greasy–I have just never tried anything I liked and actually felt like putting these chemicals on my skin caused much more harm than good.

Anyway, a great friend we have made through these dogs sent me a wonderful package of goodies for Christmas! Sally Barveld is a Mary Kay consultant. And, let me tell you how nice these products are!  I tried the things she sent me for my hands, first. Wow!! It’s this stuff called Satin Hands and I just can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it has made to mine. My hands were a terrible, awful disaster–always in the elements, cleaning products, wet dogs, check cords ripping through the skin–I am sure you can imagine what a mess they were. This stuff really worked!!!!!  And, I can also tell you the men in this household have loved using it, too! It is fragrance-free, feels great, and actually works–and quickly! You should really check this stuff out.

Sally also sent me some things to try from their Timewise line for the face. I LOVE THIS STUFF! 🙂 Am I allowed to say I feel pretty darn good!?

You can really tell a quality product that uses emollients–it feels great and really works. Thank you so much, Sally, I really love everything and am a believer!

Now, Sally’s husband sent me just about the coolest thing I’ve ever received in my life! Not to slight anything I have ever received or anyone, but check it out:


Rodger sent me a mounted Michigan Woodcock!!!! Which is soooo cool! I have wanted one like you can’t believe! I love hunting the timberdoodle and had just sent one away to get mounted for my father that he got while visiting me at bird camp this year. I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait to get one done for myself! I have a few I have hidden in the freezer that Scott didn’t send to our good friend, Dan (Hi Dan!), for fly-tying. But, figured getting one mounted for myself would have to wait until next year!

I show it off to everyone and even took it with me to show off at Christmas. 🙂 Yes, even my family does think I am a wee-bit strange that I would carry around a mounted woodcock to show off! 🙂 Hey, really, wouldn’t you?

So, I would just like to really say WOW and thank you!!! It was really such a special treat and surprise and I am frankly speechless over it all.

Thanks Sally and Rodger.

Sally and Rodger have two pups from LML–Milan and Chase, both out of Shay by Brier–and Rodger’s brother, Rick, has a Laurel Mt. pup, Kelly, out of Maisy by Brier as well!

Sally really is falling for Cherokee–I might have to take a road-trip to Cabelas in Dundee, Michigan within the next few weeks–what do you think, Sally? lol. 🙂